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OPI Iceland Collection

Shine all season long with the arctic-inspired shades in our Winter collection. We've brought the beauty and brilliance of Icelandic life right to your nails with this perfect, new color palette.


OPI Iceland Collection

OPI Iceland | Fall 2017

Inspiration Behind the Collection

This Fall, wander with us into the untouched Icelandic landscape as we introduce a palette inspired by the country's captivating natural wonders. From volcanic formations and lava fields to black sand beaches and glowing geysers, Iceland offers an incredibly vast environment with colors, textures and natural phenomenon unlike any other place on the planet.


Fierceness and fluidity define Iceland’s fiery arctic ambience. Northern Lights ignite saturated shades across the dark sky; their bouncing light beams illuminate the lava-formed landscape below while an iridescent midnight moon burns in the background.

Video:Chapters | Fire

Chapters | Fire

Video:Chapters | Ice

Chapters | Ice


A stillness sets into roaring waves and gushing geysers as the entire arctic environment feels the freeze. Glaciers form into mountainous molds. Snow-capped surfaces replace rushing waters. The chill brings about a beautiful kind of calmness, a serenity so powerful the world seems to stop.


Just as each breath out is followed by a fresh breath in, Iceland’s northern winds welcome the start of a season as the hours of daylight diminish. Crisp, clean air blows across cooling waters and formerly lush lands. With it comes a renewed sense of existence.

Video:Chapters | Air

Chapters | Air

Video:Chapters | Moss

Chapters | Moss


Boundless life encapsulates the surface of Iceland while the weather warms. Gorgeously deep green meadows roll far and wide into breathtaking mountaintops. Seasons turn, and the surprising lushness of the island’s arctic life rejuvenates through the freshness of winter’s freeze.

Lauren Steele

Infinite Shine Ambassador Lauren Steele lives for adventure. This writer, runner and world traveler is no newcomer to exploration and exceeding expectations; she embodies what it means to shine. Together we traveled to the artic, experiencing the elements and discovering the beauty of Iceland.

Lauren Steele for OPI

#ISHINE - Lauren Steele

Meet Lauren Steele

There’s no simple way to summarize the life of Lauren Steele. How could we possibly explain someone for whom nothing is impossible? This world-wandering young woman is most known for her writing resume, which includes publications such as Vice, Rolling Stone, New York Magazine and Men’s Health. On top of being unbelievably bright with an uncanny understanding of world news, Lauren is incredibly brave.

A Midwestern farm girl who grew up in Missouri, Steele’s adventurous spirit first sent her to New York City. The writer and reporter soon realized her affinity for exploration. Physically, mentally, and geographically, Lauren lives to reach new limits. Over the last few years, she’s found herself running a few 50 mile races, climbing an almost 20,000-foot mountain cliff and canoeing the Nile river. Through it all, Steele is dedicated to immersing herself in climates and cultures across the globe.

In her own words, “Traveling gives you the power to see the many wonderful things that makes us all a collective world: community, compassion, kindness, strength, humor, instead of focusing on the few things that separate us. The bigger you make your world, the bigger you make your heart and your mind.” 


Lauren Steele
Lauren Steele

See What to Wear in the Rugged Arctic World,
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Iceland Blue Me Away

This tutorial requires products sold only to salon professionals. Download this step-by-step guide and take it to your favorite salon pro to recreate the look.

Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
  1. On a properly prepared nail, apply a thin coat of OPI GelColor Base Coat. Cure 30 seconds in the OPI LED Light.
  2. Apply two thin coats of GelColor Less is Norse. Cure each coat 30 seconds. Use a fine detailing brush to draw two lines creating a 90 degree angle with GelColor This Isn't Greenland and fill in the small corner. Cure for 30 seconds.
  3. Draw three additional angles overlapping one another. Flash cure first two angles 15 seconds for crisp fine lines. Cure third angle 30 seconds.
  4. Mix 1:1 ratios of GelColor This Isn't Greenland and GelColor Base Coat on an Expert Touch Removal Wrap. Apply one thin coat of the diluted version of GelColor This Isn't Greenland within the angles. Cure 30 seconds.
  5. Add one more drop of GelColor Base Coat to the diluted version of GelColor This Isn’t Greenland and fill within the angles. Cure 30 seconds.
  6. Add another drop of GelColor Base Coat to the diluted version of GelColor This Isn’t Greenland and fill slightly beyond the angles to create a fade effect. Cure 30 seconds.
  7. Apply a thin coat of OPI GelColor Top Coat. Cure 30 seconds. Remove gel residue with Expert Touch Nail Wipe and N.A.S. 99.


Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art
Iceland Blue Me Away - OPI Nail Art

Hashtag #IcelandBlueMeAway #opinailart when you're happy with your design.

To complete this look you will need:

Less is Norse - GelColor - OPI
This Isn’t Greenland - GelColor - OPI