Advent Calendar 2018

OPI Holiday Advent Calendar

The OPI Advent Calendar

Treats on treats, from giveaways to nail exclusives. Join the holiday countdown.

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Day 1
‘Tis the season for giving! We’re launching our Advent calendar with a gift for you and a friend. One lucky winner will receive five Infinite Shine shades in our latest holiday collection, with a mini Infinite Shine gift pack to gift a friend!

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OPI Nutcracker Giveaway
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Day 2
All that glitters is gold at OPI! One lucky winner will receive the magical glitters of our holiday collection and our limited-edition Metamorphosis collection for party-nails all season long.

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OPI Glitters Giveaway
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Day 3
Pro Spotlight: Elise Noel Brings Nutcracker Nail Art Alive

To create the dreamlike look of OPI’s Nutcracker nail art collection in anticipation of Disney’s upcoming feature The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, we scoured Instagram to find nail artists who created pure fantasy on nails. Our search led us to Elise Noel, who posts under the handle @wildandfreenails. She crafted the intricate nail art styles for our #OPIandNutcracker collection, and we were lucky enough to get her story below.

Tell us who you are.

My name is Elise and I am a nail artist based in Orange County. I love coffee, adventures, and all things nails!

How did you get into nails?

Growing up, my three sisters and I painted our nails every now and then, but it was never something we were passionate about. It wasn’t until my youngest sister showed me some nail art tutorials on YouTube that I really started getting into nails. After watching tutorial after tutorial, I decided to give it a go. To this day, nail art is one of my favorite ways to express myself.

When did you start getting into nail art?

I got started with nail art back in 2012 with my first successful design being a cute little ladybug mani! Before I was able accomplish that design, I failed at many others. It wasn’t until I took my time with the design and invested in quality products (like OPI polishes) that I was able to create something I was proud of. From there, I began to attempt more intricate designs while learning new nail art techniques along the way.

Where do you usually get your nail art inspiration from?

Inspiration for new nail art comes to me from a variety of places such as product packaging, nature, album artwork, and clothing. I often snap a photo of patterns or unique color combinations that I find while I’m out and about to help me come up with fresh looks. I also love to recreate designs that I see on social media because there are so many talented artists out there!

Where do you want your nail career to take you?

I hope to continue to improve my skills as an artist and to create more connections with people in the nail art world. I would also love to travel to other countries to gather nail art inspiration while having unforgettable experiences. My number one aspiration as a nail artist has already happened which was to be given the chance work with my all time favorite brand, OPI!

Tell us about your journey with OPI.

The first OPI shade I ever purchased was Suzi Loves Cowboys and I immediately fell in love with the quality of the product and the range of colors in each collection. After experimenting with nail art for a few years, I decided to start an Instagram account dedicated to nail art. From there, I kept using OPI polishes in each design and was sure to tag them in my photos. Then one day, I received a direct message from OPI and all my dreams as a nail artist came true! Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work on shoots with OPI and come up with looks for this year’s holiday line!

Why do you love using OPI/ working with OPI?

OPI has been my favorite brand since day one and I am constantly impressed by the creativity expressed in each new collection. Every detail is so well thought out and intentional with OPI; it is unreal to have been given the opportunity to work on such fun projects with such a great team! Nail art is so much fun but it is even more exciting with the amazing products created by OPI.

What do you love about your job?

Besides the fact that it’s my dream job, I also love getting a sneak peek at what’s to come in the future of OPI, but what I enjoy most is working alongside some of the most talented and amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have learned so much and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

What surprised you about working with OPI on their #OPIandNutcracker collection?

When I was asked to come work with OPI to create looks for Holiday, I was thrilled! It was also so exciting to learn that the collection is a collaboration with Disney. I loved that each look was created based on a different aspect of the movie. What came as a surprise to me was how natural it felt to work in a new environment with such talented artists as well as how far in advance OPI works to ensure every detail of the collection is ready for the release date.

What are some of your favorite colors in the collection?

The dark green in the collection is the shade I am the most excited for; it is the perfect green for the holidays! I am also obsessed with the holographic silver and I can’t wait to use it in my future designs. There are also some stunning OPI reds that I always look forward to in the winter time!

Can you describe the Holiday nail art you created for OPI?

The nail art that I created for OPI’s holiday line is based on two of the four realms in the movie: the Land of the Flowers and the Fourth Realm. The shades that were designated for the Fourth Realm were all fairly dark which inspired to add negative space to the design in order to create contrast and make the colors stand out more.

For the Land of the Flowers, I decided to go with a dry brush technique with a white background because it reminded me of how flower petals sometimes fade from white to a light shade (in this case it was a gorgeous purple) with a darker version of the color on the tips. I also added a few green dots to tie the nature-inspired look together.

We were so thrilled to catch up with Elise and learn her story and also all about the inspiration she pulled from the film to create such dazzling nail art. Don’t miss Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, in theaters everywhere November 2nd, and then treat yourself to Elise’s nail art in our #OPIandNutcracker collection, available in stores now!

Shop the Collection
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Day 4
OPI Pro: Salon Tips For The Holiday Season

Holiday Season is upon us, which means that salons around the world will experience a rush of customers looking for last-minute manicures before their holiday party, office soiree, or end-of-the-year gala. Don’t worry, OPI is here to help you survive the holiday madness. From promotion to tips and tricks, it’s time to get in gear and end the year right!


Retail is everything and everywhere, which is why it’s so important to start early by stocking up on all of your client's needs. Try to adapt this into your business model, not only this winter season but throughout the year. How perfect is it that you can top off a service for a client by helping them select a product so they can cross someone off their Christmas list! Making suggestions doesn't mean you’re pushy. Simply lending your educated and professional opinion can close a sale.

Set the Tone

OPI’s guiding principle is “Color is the Answer” so mirror that idea in your salon and set the tone. Whether it’s scent, color, or sound, make it an experience. Setting the tone is crucial to both you and your guest. Starting off relaxed makes for a happy guest. Happy Guest = Happy Stylist. Now that’s math that everyone can understand.

Show and Tell

If you’ve just launched a new line, technique, or color, then wear it! What better way to promote all those fabulous services that you offer than by displaying them yourself? Customers look to see what you’re wearing and take your advice. You’re a walking testament to current nail trends, so use that to your advantage.

Pre-Booking is Your Friend

Pre-Book though the end of the year as soon as you can. It can help you manage your schedule, and more importantly, it locks in your direct income. Guests appreciate pre-booking as much as you do. Pre-Booking lets the client stay on track in their beauty regimen.

A Reason to Drive Seasonal Trends

Host a theme day for everyone at the salon, and accompany it with seasonally relevant nail art! Get yourself or the entire team involved by dressing the part. Make it fun! This is a perfect time to pull out all that inventory and create gift baskets for sale at the end of the celebration!


Everyone needs to get pampered so why not create a few promotions that will make it easier for clients to book more appointments during this holiday season. For example, try offering one free nail art on the love nail, or free pedicure upgrades like a hot towel treatment. Social Media and Newsletters are great for drumming up interest for promotions!

Now you’re ready for whatever the Holiday season will throw at you and your salon. Remember, when in doubt, just treat yourself to a manicure. Don’t forget to show off the best snaps of your salon festivities on social media by tagging us with @OPI_Professionals!
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Day 5
Inside OPI: Holiday Edition

#OPIObsessed, where you at? We’re excited to launch a new series called Inside OPI and invite you to our offices to meet the people who work at OPI and impact your lives through color.

Our number one goal is to create color collections and shade series that live up to our mission - Color Is The Answer. But our second goal is to make sure we’re transparent and authentic, which is what this series is all about! Come on into the OPI Office, and meet some of the people that are just as #OPIObsessed as you are.

OPI Representatives:
Cassia – Coordinator, Influencer Marketing OPI North America Professional Beauty
Destiny – Social Media Coordinator
Sam – Global Social Media Manager
Christina – Digital Content Coordinator

What do you look forward to the most every Holiday Season?

Cassia – Seeing my two younger cousins, Marlee and Rory. They are so funny and can roast me like no one else.

Destiny – I look forward to spending time with my family, although I'm not sure if I'll be able to go home to Indiana for Christmas this year.

Sam – Quality time with my family.

Christina – Spending time with family.

Does your family have any unique traditions?

Cassia – My brother always tricks me into watching Incredible Hulk during Christmas for the past 10 years. He played at least 10 times the first year and I hated it. He puts it on when I least expect it and It's become a running joke ever since.

Destiny – My family is big on holidays, but not in the traditional sense. My grandmother's birthday is on Christmas Eve and for some reason, she loves when we open our gifts on her special day. I guess you could say that's one of my family's traditions.

Sam – My sister and I still get gifts in our stockings. My mom sewed our stockings a LONG time ago when we were little girls, and we've had them ever since! They really are cute.

Christina – Picking out our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

What gift are you hoping to get this year?

Cassia – Nick Foles Eagles Jersey.
So I am prepared for their inevitable super bowl win. Go, Birds!

Destiny – Monay, monay, monay, monaaaaay!
I'm excited to put my holiday money into my Girl Boss endeavors.

Sam – What else do you want as an adult? MONEY!

Christina – I always love thoughtful handmade gifts.
They mean the most to me!

What are your fave OPI holiday shades and why?

Cassia – If it's not glitter, it's a true holiday red like Candied Kingdom

Destiny – Ginger's Revenge and Gold Key To The Kingdom from our OPI Nutcracker collection! I love a classic red nail and Ginger's Revenge is so rich in color and the glitter of Gold Key To The Kingdom is so glam!

Sam – I like a classic red like Big Apple Red. I'm loving the holographic Tinker, Thinker, WInker? in our new Nutcracker/holiday collection. The bright Toying with Trouble is also a fun alternative to a classic red, as it's a bold, bright pink.

Christina – Ginger's Revenge and Lavendare to Find Courage, they are so cute and festive and pair easily with any holiday outfit.

Shop #OPIandNutcracker

That’s a wrap on this holiday edition of Inside OPI! If you want to ask a question to the team at OPI, take a photo of your favorite OPI shade, post it on Instagram, and include the hashtag #AskInsideOPI, and we might select and answer your question in our next edition. In the meantime, stay #OPIObsessed!

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Day 6
Nail Art
Get the look: Ginger-ly Go About It
Inspired by the Land of Sweets from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. 

See the step-by-step guide

Welcome to the sweetest nail art. “Ginger-ly Go About It” will keep your nails the hot-topic of the season. Follow the step-by-step tutorial brought to you by Sally Beauty. Also, enter to win one of five $25 Sally Beauty gift cards to help you recreate the look!

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DIY Holiday Nail Art Tutorial: "Ginger-ly Go About It"

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Day 7
20% off all gift sets
For two days only enjoy 20% off all gift sets, now through 12/8. Happy shopping!

Shop the exclusive sale

Amazon Promo: enjoy 20% off all gift sets
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Day 8
Nail Tech Confessions: How to Remove Gel Polish, or Why You Shouldn’t Remove it at Home

First, they’re sweet, then they’re sour.

This is a typical attitude that many clients have regarding gel nails. They love the shiny, long-lasting look, but hate the damage that gel polish can cause to their nails. What you may not know is that gel polish is not the culprit here. So who or what is to blame? Chances are, it’s the removal process. But fear not, there is light at the end of this dry, damaged tunnel.

As clients, we place our trust in nail technicians to provide us with a service that we cannot (or, let’s be honest, don’t want to) perform ourselves. Unfortunately, some nail techs take advantage of the fact that clients don’t know how to perform that service properly, and the result is a speedy gel removal session that leaves their nails dry, brittle, and much worse off than they started. This type of quick-turnaround service has led to the myth that gel nails are harmful.

Now you find yourself playing the game of "How do I get gels removed and end up with healthy nails?” As a client, the best thing you can do is educate yourself as much as you can about the removal process. It’s a process so easy, you could do it at home. Should you? Probably not.

This is a process that should be performed by someone who’s done it countless times. Although it’s tempting to remove them yourself (side note: please don’t ever peel them), you risk damaging your nails even more.. So now you’re in a catch-22: gel removal should be done by pros, but occasionally the pros are get it wrong.

Gels should be removed with either a hand or electric file. The caveat here is how much polish to remove. Neither file should touch a natural nail. Ever. It’s unnecessary and causes damage that won’t disappear until your nails grow it out. Removing gel entirely with a file is a risk your technician and your natural nails never need to take. 

Instead, here’s a quick breakdown of how the safest removal process should look:

1. File off the top coat (once the shiny part is removed there is no need for more filling).

2. Take a piece of cotton soaked in pure acetone and place it over the nail.

3. Wrap the nail in aluminum foil.

4. Soak for 11-13 minutes (the time may vary, but 12 minutes is average removal time.

The polish you removed should look like this:

You’ll notice the nail is dry due to the acetone, but there are no white spots or unevenness, which are signs of damage done to the nail.

I would like to stress that at the end of the day, this is one nail tech's opinion of how to safely remove your gels. Finding a nail tech you trust is not easy, so if you have one then cherish them. There are nail pros out there who can safely remove your gels otherwise, but if you notice any type of damage from gels (that you did not peel yourself) it’s likely that the removal process is to blame.

The best thing I can recommend is to play Goldilocks and find a nail tech who removes gels as shown above until you find one who’s just right. Once you find the salon and technician for you, stick with them, and when in doubt, tip 20%. That will make sure your gel tips always come off perfectly.

By Bana Jarjour

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Day 9
Alex Michael May’s Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of sparkle! Being the glitter queen that I am, I couldn’t be more excited to have an excuse to spend more time looking at shiny and shimmery objects! For me, my favorite moments occur when I get to select my holiday mani, dress up, and select gifts for those I love.

To get in the holiday mood, obviously I have to start with a seasonal mani, and the one that I adore currently is from the New Nutcracker collection! I Pull the Strings is a gorgeous rose gold glitter nail polish that looks like twinkling lights, especially when layered atop an on-trend neutral like Worth a Pretty Penne.

In fact, I love this polish so much, it’s my first pick for this shiny gift guide I curated with OPI! See all my picks below:

No. 1— OPI Nail Lacquer in I Pull The Strings

I gushed about it before, but I’ll do it again! The rose gold flecks in this polish look like nail art with a simple single swipe of this gorgeous glitter nail polish. Wear it alone or layered over a neutral nail polish for endless combinations of glam.

Shop the shade: I Pull The Strings

No. 2— Pixi by Petra Glowy Duos Highlighter

I love that this subtle, natural-looking highlighter duo looks like your skin is glowing from the holiday lights or sitting fireside. Adding a little to the inner corner of your eyes and cupid’s bow elevates your everyday beauty routine. It’s the perfect effect for all those holiday parties! Grab this highlighter for your beauty-obsessed friends, because this is great for stocking stuffers (or a gift for yourself. You glow, girl!)


No. 3— Burdlife Star Drop Earrings

These shiny star earrings are perfect for the holiday season and beyond, and make a statement with anything from a t-shirt and jeans or party dress. I love that they’re handmade in Houston by a female small-business owner!

Burdlife Star Drop Earrings

No. 4— Madewell Slim Convertible Bag in Leopard

I can’t get enough of leopard print right now (I swear it’s a neutral!). This little glam bag can be worn crossbody or doubled up as a top handle, making it a great fit for the girl on the go!


No. 5— Hourglass Cosmetics No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil

Give a little bit of luxury to a friend who deserves it. I’m obsessed with this product—it’s an advanced anti-aging treatment that also doubles as a lip gloss. It combines essential oils and vitamins with an opulent 24-karat gold-plated tip. Fancy or what?


No. 6— Five Minute Journal

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s vital to take a minute (or five, to be exact!) to focus on self-care and reflection. For your mindful, meditation-loving, or overly frenzied friend, this simply structured journal format takes just 5 minutes and helps you cultivate gratitude every day.

Five Minute Journal

No. 7— ESYM Portable Aromatherapy Pod

Compactly designed to fit in your hand or pocket, this portable aromatherapy pod travels wherever you do, inspiring balance and calm, something we can all use more of around the holidays. Also a great stocking stuffer for the friend who loves to travel!


No. 8— Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo + Hair French Pin

This glam gift set includes a staple to every busy person’s beauty kit—dry shampoo! This bottle is oh-so-pretty and the scent is lovely, plus it’s one of my favorite formulas! Bonus that it comes with a gorgeous french hairpin to create endless holiday styles.


I hope you enjoyed discovering my top holiday picks! No matter what you get as a gift this holiday season, make sure you’re unwrapping your presents while wearing your favorite OPI shades. Don’t forget to snap a nail selfie showing off your seasonal mani and tag it on social media with #OPIObsessed. Keep checking the OPI blog for the latest on holiday styles, seasonal sales, and much more.


INSTAGRAM @Alexmichaelmay

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Day 10
Inside OPI: Our Favorite Holiday Shades

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – the holiday season! Wondering what nail colors will suit you and the holiday parties you’ll be attending best? Well the OPI team has your back! Here are five shades we believe are definite holiday must-haves!

While there are many holidays happening this time of year, it’s nearly impossible to avoid the color red. From Rudolph’s nose, to the stripes on a candy cane, to the felt of Santa’s suit - red is one of the major hues of December. The unstoppable shine of OPI’s Big Apple Red will surely give you the perfect festive look.

Shop the shade: Big Apple Red

This rose and gold polish from our recently launched OPI Lisbon collection is, as they say in Portugal, “perfeito” for the holidays. Radiant reds meet just the right touch of glamorous golds in this polish. Try out OPI’s Made It To The Seventh Hill to achieve a classic and confident look.

Shop the shade: Made It To The Seventh Hill

Explore a darker and daring nail polish this holiday season with the deep blues of March in Uniform, the limited edition polish from our recently launched collection for Disney’s The Nutcracker and The Four Realms. Evoking a more muted tone, this polish is the perfect counterpart to a cocktail dress or a bright and festive outfit, letting everyone know that you’re serious about the season.

Shop the shade: March In Uniform

Champagne, celebrations, and close friends. That’s what the holidays are all about, and when you’re wearing the dazzling silvers of Dreams On A Silver Platter, you’ll cherish the holidays like never before. Another shade from our The Nutcracker and The Four Realms collection, this is a truly festive look. Get yours before the collection ends its limited run!

Shop the shade: Dreams on a Silver Platter

If you are a fan of purples, Berry Fairy Fun will be your best match this holiday season. It’s a deep purple shade with the most gorgeous shimmer that really makes it a festive choice! This shade is definitely an eye-catching statement piece when you wear it, and it pairs perfectly with any holiday outfit.

Shop the shade: Berry Fairy Fun

Want to wear a red shade, but looking for something a bit darker...a bit more intoxicating than Big Apple Red? Then Malaga Wine is made for you and your nails. This juicy and complex shade is suitable for any holiday occasion, and the creme finish adds shine and depth to this polish. We’ll surely cheers to that!

Shop the shade: Malaga Wine

These six shades should be suitable for everything the holidays have in store for you. From deep reds to shiny silvers, use this selection of OPI nail polish to make sure you look stunning and festive at the same time. When you’re out and about enjoying the holidays while wearing OPI, don’t forget to post a photo of your nails in all their festive glory, and tag us using #OPIObsessed to be featured on our social media accounts.

Shop the edit: holiday party nails

Happy Holidays,
OPI Team

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Day 11
Safe & Easy Glitter Polish Removal
We live for a stunning glitter set, but the take-off process can be detrimental to our nails. Here’s the simplest way to remove glitter nail polish with ease.

Watch the IGTV video

Safe & Easy Glitter Polish Removal
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Day 12
We’ve partnered with DryBar to help you achieve the hair and nails of your dreams! One lucky winner will win the full OPI holiday collection and a gift set from DryBar.

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DryBar Holiday Hair Giveaway with OPI
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Day 13
Nail Art
Get the look: All Dolled Up, Some Place To Go
Inspired by the Land of Sweets from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. 

See the step-by-step guide

This nail art look will have you “All Dolled Up, Some Place to Go” all holiday season long. Follow the step-by-step tutorial brought to you by Sally Beauty. Also, enter to win one of five $25 Sally Beauty gift cards to help you recreate the look!

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DIY Holiday Nail Art Tutorial: "All Dolled Up, Some Place to Go"

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Day 14
OPI Drinks: Holiday Moscow Mules

The Holidays are just around the corner, so there’s no time like the present to brush up on your mixologist skills to amaze your friends and family with some delicious alcoholic concoctions!

For this edition of OPI Drinks, we’ve created our own unique take on sweet and sassy Moscow Mule. An instant hit no matter where you are, our version adds just a pinch of fruit to instill the holiday vibe. Looking for the perfect polish pairing to go with your Mule? Try out Dancing Keeps Me On My Toes or Candied Kingdom from the new OPI Nutcracker collection.

Shop the OPI Holiday Collection


  • Fresh lime wedges, to taste.
  • 1 solid copper mug.
  • Ice.
  • 2 ounces vodka 4-6 ounces ginger beer.
  • Raspberries and blueberries, for garnish.
  • Optional: 2 ounces cranberry juice and rosemary sprig, for garnish.

Squeeze the lime into the copper mug. Fill mug with ice and pour vodka, ginger beer, and cranberry juice over ice. Garnish with berries and rosemary sprig. Stir and enjoy!

Loved our recipe? Take a picture of you holding your mule (in your best OPI Shade of course), and tag us with #OPIObsessed for a chance to be featured on our social media page!
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Day 15
Nail Studio App
Ulta Giveaway
Want to try on every OPI holiday shade at once? Dreams do come true thanks to OPI Nail Studio App. Download and try out the app for a chance to win 1 of 10 Ulta Beauty gift cards.

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OPI Advent Calendar
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Day 16
20% off Nutcracker items
For two days only enjoy 20% off Nutcracker items, now through 12/17. Happy shopping!

Shop the exclusive sale

OPI Advent Calendar Giveaway
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Day 17
The satisfying feeling when your phone case matches your nails perfectly… Enter to win the full OPI holiday collection and festive Casetify cases!

enter to win

OPI Advent Calendar Casetify Giveaway
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Day 18
Stila Beauty
Makeup and nails… name a more iconic duo – we’ll wait! Enter to win festive holiday sets from OPI and Stila Cosmetics.

enter to win

OPI Advent Calendar Stila Beauty Giveaway
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Day 19
Gifts For The Host: What To Bring To Holiday Parties

‘Tis the season for glitter, sparkly nails and holiday parties. Alongside wrapping all of those gifts for your loved ones, preparing to see family and meeting deadlines... your also contemplating what to gift your party hosts right? Take a deep breath because OPI is here to help! We promise we’ve got it nailed!

The answer is wine

It may be the season to be short on time, but that’s no excuse not to bring a good bottle of wine. Simple, flavorful, and inexpensive are the mainstay traits of every great party wine. We recommend figuring out ahead if your host prefers red, white or champagne wine so you can grab a bottle they’ll really enjoy.

Food = Fantastic

Put it this way, a holiday party can never have too many foods to nibble on. So now is the time to pull out your show stopping specialities and make a crowd pleasing dish. From your grandma’s spinach dip, to chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin ice cream pie, we guarantee your host will love a delicious and well-presented appetizer!

Get ready for a selfie

The party really starts when you walk in with a box of photo booth props. These are great for breaking the ice. Choose a fun selection and get everyone to send you pictures post-party to make the host an album of memories.

Think festive

From festive wine glasses, to homemade gingerbread men, or a holiday candle (we love anything cinnamon and clove btw) – embrace the season with an appropriate gift. Our personal favorite? Fill a mason jar with the dry ingredients for your host to make holiday cookies post-party. Perfect for beating a hangover!

Gifting in bloom

Not sure what to buy? You can never go wrong with a festive floral arrangement. We recommend going above your average bunch and opting for a seasonal plant, Christmas cactus, or fresh pine garland centerpiece – which will keep the party spirit going for weeks after the night has ended!

Nail it

If your host is #OPIObsessed then we recommend upgrading their holiday party look with one of our carefully curated nail gift sets.


We told you we’ve got it nailed! Which gift from our line-up is perfect for your host? Now that you’ve gotten that taken care of, get ready for your holiday parties with festive OPI shades! Shop our favorite holiday party shades below.

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Day 20
Nail Art
Get the look: Soldier Blues
Inspired by the Land of Snowflakes from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. 

See the step-by-step guide

Let your nails sparkle in the snow with this soft holiday look, “Soldier Blues.” Follow this DIY nail art tutorial brought to you by Sally Beauty. Also, enter to win one of five $25 Sally Beauty gift cards to help you recreate the look!

enter to win

DIY Holiday Nail Art Tutorial: "Solider Blues"

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Day 21
OPI Eats: Holiday Cake Pops

The Holidays are here, which can only mean one thing - Holiday Parties! This year, instead of bringing cookies or cupcakes, switch things up by trying out our OPI Eats: Holiday Cake Pops recipe!

Just be careful, you’ll be surprised at how fast these get eaten once they’re made. Don’t worry, you can always bake a backup batch just for you. And if all the frosting has inspired you to try a new colorful OPI Shade, try out Machu Peach-U from our Peru Collection, or Ginger’s Revenge from our Nutcracker collection!




Take your favorite cake mix and prepare.

Add oil and eggs as directed on the box.

Mix oil, egg and cake mix.

Until ingredients are well mixed.

Cook the cake as directed, crumble the cooked cake and mix in with 1 can of frosting, (your choice). Roll the mixture into balls and place on sticks.

Put the unfinished rolled cake balls in the refrigerator for an hour or more.

After an hour or more, take the cake balls and coat with icing, dust them with some crushed peppermint candies and you have Cake Pops!

Loved our recipe? Take a picture of you holding your cake pops (in your best OPI Shade of course), and tag us with #OPIObsessed for a chance to be featured on our social media page!
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Day 22
Holiday Beauty – OPI and Stila Light Up The Night

Looking to bring your best sparkle for the holidays? Don’t worry, OPI is here, and we collaborated with our friends at Stila to make sure you’re shining brighter than your grandmother’s crystal! Unwrap our tips and tricks below to treat yourself to the best present of all - glam.


They say that eyes are the window to the soul, so let's make sure your soul is filled with sparkles! Achieve this shimmering look by starting with the Enchanted Eyes Liquid Eye Shadow Set, and be sure to try out the shades Next To Notte and Diamond Dust. This liquid eyeshadow can be used with powder shadows to amp up a look or can be used alone, depends on what type of function you’re headed off to! Start with a dash of Next to Notte over the lid, then follow up with Diamond Dust on your inner corner, lower lash line, and finish on the brow bone.

These holiday-relevant plum and glitter shades, combined with a silky smooth texture which allows for easy blending by hand make this look a must-have for the season!


Make the most of the holidays with enchanting lashes. And is there anything more enthralling than Fringe With Benefits? We think not. This package includes both a mascara which can create big and bold lashes in an instant, as well as a silver eyeliner which is perfect for a glittery and glamorous look on the eyes. Let your lashes do all the talking when you use this darling duo.


Give your lips the A+ treatment and pass With Flying Colors Lipstick Set this season. The two shades we recommend to amp up your look are Vino and Rubino. Layered on one another, they create a fun, deep lip. With a smooth formula and long-lasting pigment, this fun-sized set is made to slip in your holiday clutch for touch-ups after sipping warm eggnog.


Make an impression that others will be dazzled by when you use Shine Bright Heaven’s Dew Palette. This smooth and shimmery trio catches the light perfectly. This easy-to-use cream is your new secret weapon, all season. Try it out alone, or layered with your favorite highlighters!

Creams that glide on the face with the perfect shimmer. Can be used alone or layered on top of your fave highlighters.

OPI Nail Polish

No sparkle rundown would be complete without a mention of some of OPI’s newest shiny nail polish shades! Get into the holiday spirit with I Pull The StringsGold Key To The Kingdom, or Dreams On A Silver Platter, all part of OPI’s limited run collaboration with Disney to celebrate The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. Available in OPI GelColor, Infinite Shine, and OPI Nail Lacquer, these three shades will give your nails just the right pop of polish that this holiday season so rightly deserves.

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There you have it! Add a dash of sparkle to your life. Enjoy this holiday season, and when you’re out and about wearing your glam, don’t forget to snap a photo of your gleam, and tag us on social using the hashtag #OPIObsessed to be featured on our social channels.

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Day 23
Just Fab
New year, new nails, new shoes! We’ve partnered with Just Fab to help you and your bestie step into 2019 with total confidence. 2 lucky winners and their best friend will win $160 of Just Fab credits and OPI products!

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OPI Advent Calendar Giveaway with Just Fab
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Day 24
Nail Art
Get the look: We Stand as Solid Gold
Inspired by the 4th Realm from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. 

See the step-by-step guide

“We Stand As Solid As Gold” in this holiday nail art look. Follow the step-by-step tutorial brought to you by Sally Beauty. Also, enter to win one of five $25 Sally Beauty gift cards to help you recreate the look!

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DIY Holiday Nail Art Tutorial: "We Stand As Solid Gold"

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Day 25
Tokyo Collection
We present to you a sneak peek of our Spring 2019 collection! Inspired by a city at the forefront of fashion, beauty and nail art. Want to get your hands on it before ANYONE else?! One lucky winner will win the full collection.

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OPI Advent Calendar Giveaway OPI Tokyo Collection