4 Things You Should Know Before You Schedule Your Next Gel Manicure

The health and beauty of your nails does not rest solely in the hands of your nail tech – after all, they are your nails. So, before you get nailed, don't be afraid to do your research to ensure your gel manicure will be delivered with quality and care and remember… 

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    Before I even walk into a salon, the first question I ask when I call to schedule a gel manicure is: “what products are you using?”

    As you know, not all products are created with quality in mind so don’t walk into your manicure appointment blind! Salons that offer top-of-the-line products will be able to easily explain their application process. To ensure a long-lasting result, it is crucial that your nail tech utilize all of the necessary products and equipment required to perform the gel service as designed by the manufacturer. 

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    For instance, the OPI Gel Color application includes a base coat, two layers of gel color and a top coat. Your nails should also be treated with NAS 99 Cleaning Solution by OPI, then rehydrated with the ProSpa Moisture Whip and ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil.

    During the application process, it is also imperative that your manicurist use an LED lamp with a timer. This device is critical to ensuring you obtain a durable, long-lasting gel manicure! 

    Knowledge is power - when quality gel products are applied properly, you will take home beautiful nails that will grow long and strong. 

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    There is absolutely NO reason to put a drill (e-file) on top of a nail bed at anytime for a gel color service. When your nail tech uses the right system there is no need for an e-file at all. In fact, in most cases, there should be very little buffing or filing prior to application, because the ultimate goal should always be: NO DAMAGE. 

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    Proper gel removal is key to ensuring your nails remain healthy and happy. NEVER, EVER attempt to peel or tear gel color off your nails – you could be removing two to three layers of nail surface and cause permanent damage. GelColor should always be soaked off in your salon utilizing professional grade products that will gently remove the gel without harming your natural nail. With OPI's GelColor Base Coat & Top Coat, your gel manicure will soak off in just 7 minutes, so time is no excuse.

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    Now that your manicure is on point, it’s important to ask your nail tech about support products she may recommend for your home beauty arsenal. If you love one of OPI’s shades, make sure you have it on hand for touch ups between appointments. And, don't forget to book out a few appointments. Pre-booking is the key to maintaining consistent nail care. 

Written by Jeany Perez, Founder of Unity Nails, Orlando, Fla. -