Adding Color Into Your Wardrobe

If your go-to wardrobe is stocked with black, white & neutral essentials, adding color (and no, we don't mean heather grey) into your everyday style can be a challenge. So here are a few simple steps to help reintroduce color back into your personal palette!
  1. Kristina Wilde, OPI, Fashion, Blogger, Color, Style

    Sometimes when you’re just starting to add color into your wardrobe, you can get a bit overwhelmed on where to begin. The solution? Stick to one accent color. Focus on coordinating your nail color with your accessories - like a colored bag or pair of shoes - for a pulled-together pop. Here, I've styled OPI Infinite Shine in ‘You Can Count On It’ with matching rosy pink heels.

  2. Kristina Wilde, OPI, Fashion, Blogger, Color, Style, Style by Wilde

    What to do about color when your signature look is jeans and a tee? Mix things up by adding two bold, contrasting colors that will liven up a basic look. A favorite color opposition of mine is blue and red. Here, I paired cobalt blue booties with the orangey-red OPI Infinite Shine shade “No Stopping Me Now" - a match made in heaven! Want to go even bolder with your color? Match your lips to your tips and, you’re ready for a night out on the town!

  3. Kristina Wilde, OPI, Fashion, Blogger, Color, Style, Style by Wilde

    Dare to go bold? Try the trending color block method! Sometimes adding vibrant colors all in one outfit can be somewhat overwhelming. However if done right, the result is perfection. Now that you have dipped a toe in the color pool, to master this look, make color the main focus in the ensemble and block in neutrals like black and white in small doses. Now you’re ready to start adding color into your wardrobe, one pop of color at at time!

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