Dress Up Your Nails For Halloween

Dress Up Your Nails for Halloween
  • Dress Up Your Nails for Halloween

    Get ready to go to the dark side. The 31st of October is fast approaching and it’s time to get your nails Halloween ready. You’ve got the costume so whether you’re going scary, sparkly or a bit of both, we promise these Halloween nails are so good it’s spooky.

    1. Halloween Nail Shop Vampy Costumes


      Vampires only come out when the sun’s gone down so give your nail color a ghoulish edge with Lincoln Park After Dark.

      Shop the shade: Lincoln Park After Dark

    2. Halloween Nail Shop Witchy Costumes


      This is the one night of the year where ‘you’re such a witch’ is a serious compliment, so wow all your admirers in vampy red I’m Not Really A Waitress.

      Shop the shade: I’m Not Really A Waitress

    3. Halloween Nail Shop Winged Beauties Costumes


      Halloween’s no time to be a caterpillar, spread your wings and fly with the glittering Butterfly Me To The Moon. Extra points for sparkle.

      Shop the shade: Butterfly Me To The Moon

    4. Halloween Nails Shop Daring Heroes Costumes


      Not all heroes wear capes, this Halloween our heroine's tips are covered in the empowering garnet We The Female.

      Shop the shade: We The Female

    5. Halloween Nails Shop Trendy Costumes


      If you haven’t chosen your costume, opt for this deliciously dark Black Cherry Chutney nail polish. Even better, this versatile shade works just as well the day after.

      Shop the shade: Black Cherry Chutney

    6. Halloween Nails Shop Princess Costumes


      If creepy isn’t your style, we’ve got a shade fit for a princess (or queen) at your fingertips with the classic violet Meet Me On The Star Ferry.

      Shop the shade: Meet Me On The Star Ferry

    7. Halloween Nails Shop

      Get ready to wow in our Halloween nail colors. You know what they say: if you’ve got it, haunt it.

      Shop the Halloween edit

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