Easter Brunch With Your Girlfriends

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to brunch. Brunch is such a delightful affair. The workweek is over, and it’s all about enjoying your time off. Plus, there’s food, which is obviously the most exciting part.

This week is all about Easter, so Sunday brunch with girlfriends seemed fitting. I invited my two favorite blogger gals Enocha of Locks and Trinkets and Elizabeth of A Keene Sense of Style to brunch at Manuela – a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Right up my alley. Manuela brings southern charm to the Arts District with their locally-grown produce, and a variety of vintage furniture throughout the restaurant. It was a gorgeous place to take photos. Besides, what’s a blogger brunch without taking a million photos before eating, right?! ;)

No better way to celebrate the holiday than gathered with your best gals over a delicious meal and yummy lattes. Sounds like the perfect way to end the weekend.

I decided to switch things up this Easter. Instead of a pastel color, I opted for a metallic-shimmery lacquer - Worth A Pretty Penne. It has a slight rose-tinted silvery-copper tone that has quickly made its way to my top favorite colors this season.

I hope your Easter is filled with nothing but good memories. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or spending it with your family, the most important thing is to be surrounded by those who mean the world to you.

Happy Easter!

Written by Melissa Rodriquez -