ISHINE x Lust for Life

This time last year I flew to Fiji with OPI to shoot their new Fiji Collection, and after a swirl of adventure I sat down with them on what it meant to "Shine" and when "I Shine" the most. One thing that is undebatable is that I Shine when I travel. Stepping onto foreign soil heightens my senses - sights and sounds are sharper, textures and tastebuds are enhanced, and my lust for life comes out when there’s an opportunity to discover a new and foreign place. My sense and need for new and daring experiences has only increased over time, and in these moments I shine for those uncharted moments ahead.

Aside from tapping into my internal reserves of adventure, one way I Shine when I’m on the road is having a beauty regiment that reflects my style in context. This is where a well-groomed manicure comes in, because when you’re out on the islands you’re best accessory is sandy skin and a polish that pops. The fuss-free element of fresh lacquered beats any heavy stacking of jewelry out in the jungle. And there’s no better accessory to dress for Fiji’s jungle greens and cerulean ocean blues than OPI’s new Fiji Collection.

Written by Olivia Lopez, Lust for Life -