OPI Pro: Salon Tips For The Holiday Season

Salon Tips For The Holiday Season
  • Salon Tips For The Holiday Season

    Holiday Season is upon us, which means that salons around the world will experience a rush of customers looking for last-minute manicures before their holiday party, office soiree, or end-of-the-year gala.

    Don’t worry, OPI is here to help you survive the holiday madness. From promotion to tips and tricks, it’s time to get in gear and end the year right!

    1. Salon Tips For The Holiday Season


      Retail is everything and everywhere, which is why it’s so important to start early by stocking up on all of your client's needs. Try to adapt this into your business model, not only this winter season but throughout the year. How perfect is it that you can top off a service for a client by helping them select a product so they can cross someone off their Christmas list! Making suggestions doesn't mean you’re pushy. Simply lending your educated and professional opinion can close a sale.

      Set the Tone

      OPI’s guiding principle is “Color is the Answer” so mirror that idea in your salon and set the tone. Whether it’s scent, color, or sound, make it an experience. Setting the tone is crucial to both you and your guest. Starting off relaxed makes for a happy guest. Happy Guest = Happy Stylist. Now that’s math that everyone can understand.

    2.  Salon Tips For The Holiday Season

      Show and Tell

      If you’ve just launched a new line, technique, or color, then wear it! What better way to promote all those fabulous services that you offer than by displaying them yourself? Customers look to see what you’re wearing and take your advice. You’re a walking testament to current nail trends, so use that to your advantage.

      Pre-Booking is Your Friend

      Pre-Book though the end of the year as soon as you can. It can help you manage your schedule, and more importantly, it locks in your direct income. Guests appreciate pre-booking as much as you do. Pre-Booking lets the client stay on track in their beauty regimen.

    3. OPI Pro: Salon Tips for the Holidays

      A Reason to Drive Seasonal Trends

      Host a theme day for everyone at the salon, and accompany it with seasonally relevant nail art! Get yourself or the entire team involved by dressing the part. Make it fun! This is a perfect time to pull out all that inventory and create gift baskets for sale at the end of the celebration!


      Everyone needs to get pampered so why not create a few promotions that will make it easier for clients to book more appointments during this holiday season. For example, try offering one free nail art on the love nail, or free pedicure upgrades like a hot towel treatment. Social Media and Newsletters are great for drumming up interest for promotions!

    4. Salon Tips For The Holiday Season

      Now you’re ready for whatever the Holiday season will throw at you and your salon. Remember, when in doubt, just treat yourself to a manicure. Don’t forget to show off the best snaps of your salon festivities on social media by tagging us with @OPI_Professionals!

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