#OPIintheHouse: My Perfect Manicure to My Dream Bathroom

We’re excited to welcome guest blogger Emily Clark, who is here to show us how she recently experimented with OPI color – not only on her nails, but in her home! Emily used the OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington available exclusively at Ace to revamp her bathroom cabinets using one of her favorite OPI shades, Miami Beet, in Clark+Kensington paint.

You know that feeling when you find the perfect manicure color? I love that OPI and Ace is making the same feeling possible when it comes to decorating our homes! The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington paint at Ace offers some of your favorite polish colors in the form of interior paints. 

Our bathroom vanity was straight from the ‘80s and in need of a serious facelift. Since we’re still several years out from a complete bathroom remodel, I wanted to make a few quick changes that would give me maximum impact for a minimum investment. My plan: paint the dated vanity, change out the plain mirrors, and add accessories, artwork and new hardware. 

This was a quick weekend project for me, and I painted the entire vanity in the course of a day, allowing a couple of hours for drying time between coats. I was able to paint all of it keeping the doors in tact and just removing the hardware.

I could’ve played it safe, but an old vanity that’s already in bad shape just begs for a fun color. I opted for OPI’s Miami Beet NLB78, a deep fuchsia that’s bold without being too bright. I chose a semi-gloss finish, which Ace confirmed was a great, easy-to-wipe-down choice for bathroom cabinets. Since it’s a paint and primer in one, I was able to skip a step, making this weekend transformation even quicker. I cleaned the cabinets with soap and water and started painting. Since the vanity was fairly small, I applied two coats using an angled brush. The paint went on really smoothly, leaving no noticeable brush marks. (For bigger jobs, you may want to use a foam roller made for cabinets.) 

Paint alone made a HUGE difference in this space! (Why did I wait so long to do this?) To finish out the look, I swapped the mirrors for some vintage faux bamboo mirrors that I found at a flea market and some fun accessories and art. A pretty tray not only keeps clutter to a minimum (and holds my favorite OPI polishes), but also helps to disguise countertops that I don’t love so much. I also changed the outdated hardware to pretty brass knobs that pop against the deep color. 

Written by Emily Clark -