OPI's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide: For Nail Pros

It’s that time of year again! Yes, it’s holiday season, but it’s also the time where we all check our bank accounts in order to budget what we can spend on gifts for our friends and family (which usually ends with us splurging on our three favorite people and passing out mini bottles of lotion to the rest). Unfortunately, gift-giving is not always as fun or easy as gift-receiving. But if one of your recipients is a nail professional, this guide will be all you need to fulfill the qualities of the perfect gift.

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    The best kind of gift is a well thought out one: personal, practical, and typically something a recipient will actually use. That last one is the real kicker - "what could I possibly buy ____ that they don’t already have?” If they’re a nail pro, chances are they use their hands. A lot. And if you want to go two (or ten) steps further than a handwritten coupon for a free hand massage, a spa gift certificate is the way to go. Most spas let you choose specific treatments but we recommend putting a dollar value on it and letting them choose for themselves. Also be sure to let them know that many spas will let customers take full advantage of the saunas, steam rooms, and hot tubs provided. Your one-hour gift can easily stretch to two or three and you will be a relaxation hero.

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    This one is a no-brainer (and not just because you’re currently reading an OPI blog post). When we mentioned that gifts should be useful, we didn’t just mean for the recipient. Giving your nail pro friend a collection that they can also use on you? Win-win if you ask me (and rest assured- they won’t be able to say no to using a gift that you bought them). With a perfect combination of quintessential holiday reds, shimmers, and sparkle, the Love OPI collection is the perfect gift that will provide your pro classic shades for endless nail sessions to come.

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    Like we said earlier, being a nail pro can put a real strain on your body. Chances are, you don’t have the budget to buy your pro a lifetime supply of massages (unless you’re Beyoncé, in which case HI, THANK YOU for reading this blog; we’re big fans). In any case, a luxury memory foam chair cushion can really help maintain balance and posture at work. Pros are sitting for extended periods of time and this is a great way for them to avoid the aches and pains they are subjected to throughout the day. And since it can be taken on and off, they can choose to use it for their car or office chairs, too.

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    This next gift is a one-two punch that both promotes OPI’s incredibly beneficial skincare products, as well as a robe that is so soft and comfortable it may put you to sleep upon wearing it (you know exactly what kind of material we’re talking about). There’s really nothing like taking a warm shower, applying a soothing lotion, throwing on some PJs and topping it all off with a cozy, blanket-like robe. And OPI’s ProSpa line doesn’t make baseless claims- the whole collection was made with the assistance of a dermatologist and contains ingredients that will actually help improve the quality of your skin. The invigorating smell is an extra little something your recipient can sniff while hugging themselves to sleep in their new robe.

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    If you aren’t really worried about your pro’s health concerns and nail polish collection and just want to be named Favorite Friend of the Year, we’re here to make sure you take home the trophy. Sometimes our days are so difficult and draining that we come home thinking nothing is going to cut it. Now imagine coming home from a 12-hour workday to a box of wine and cheese. And not just the kind that comes in those gift baskets you find at your local checkout counter. This monthly subscription box contains the good stuff that makes you take a deep breath and remind yourself that everything’s going to be better tomorrow.


    Whatever gift you choose for your favorite nail professional, remember that the consideration you put into it is what matters the most. You don’t want to be known as the person who never knows what to buy. And you would probably much rather order gifts online in advance than play parking wars at the mall. The holidays can be stressful for anyone, so let people know you are thinking of them and that you appreciate the role they play in your life. Gifts like these go a step further than “thank you” and can really make someone’s day. You can thank us now or you can thank us next year when your nail pro inevitably reciprocates your kindness and generosity.

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