OPI's Stay at Home Guide #4: How to Safely Remove Dip Nails and Acrylics

How to Safely Remove Dip Nails
  • How to Safely Remove Dip Nails

    We know things are strange right now, so we’re back with another useful tip to hopefully brighten your day. If you’ve been following along, we’ve been answering your questions so you can give your nails the best care possible while you’re staying home, and today, we’re talking dip and acrylic.

    You asked us how you can remove your dip manis at home, which can feel scary given salons are temporarily closed. Rest assured, it can be done, so we created a step-by-step guide to walk you through a safe removal all on your own – just make sure you follow the steps accordingly to prevent any damage to your nails, and if you have OPI Nail Envy on hand, that’s a plus. Bonus! Dipping powders like OPI Powder Perfection are resin-based systems and an acrylic alternative, so these steps can be used to remove acrylic nails too.

    1. Supplies for Dip Powder Removal

      - Cotton balls or cotton pads
      - Nail polish remover – acetone-based
      - Aluminum foil cut into squares
      - Nail file
      - Buffer block
      - Cuticle Oil
      - Nail Envy or another type of nail strengthening solution – we strongly recommend you have this on hand before attempting to remove dip/acrylic

      NOTE: If you do not have everything at hand, try reaching out to your salon or nail technician via Instagram, phone, or email, and ask if they’re able to put together a small removal rescue kit and get it to you.

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      Follow the adapted DIY step-by-step below, or check out the full dip nail removal by hand video on our OPI Professionals Channel


    2. Dip Powders Top Layers Removed

      Soaking off dip nails can take time, so be sure you have an extra durable nail file to help you! Start by reducing as much of the OPI Powder Perfection as possible without filing down to your natural nail.

      ProTip: You should always see some color! If you have it, we suggest a 180 file grit rather than a 240 grit or higher. The higher the grit, the finer the file. That just means it might take you longer to file down the product. But if you have to, use whatever file you have and just make sure not to file down to the natural nail.

    3. Dip Powder Removal Wrap

      Step 2: Remove filing dust, then fully saturate a cotton ball with an acetone-based nail polish remover, place it on top of the nail, then wrap both the cotton ball and nail in a foil square.

      Step 3: Allow nails to soak for at least 20-25 minutes, and for better penetration, add heat by wrapping hands in a towel. Just make sure you’ve turned on your favorite Netflix show beforehand – working a remote with foil fingers is not easy!

    4. Dip Powder Residue

      Once 20-25 minutes have passed, it’s time to remove! Start by gently pressing and twisting the foil and cotton off one nail and one nail only. ProTip: Do not remove the foils from all 10 fingers because it will re-harden by the time you get to your last finger. The cotton ball or pad should have a gummy residue attached to it, but if there’s any residue left on the nail, take your file and gently roll the gummy residue from the dip/acrylic off the nail. Repeat this step on the remaining fingers.

    5. Dip Powder Removed

      Once all residue is fully removed, lightly cleanse the nail surface with a cotton ball (or pad) soaked in nail polish remover. Then lightly buff nails with a buffer block, and as a final step, add your favorite nail strengthener like OPI Nail Envy and cuticle oil to ensure your nails stay as healthy as possible.


    6. OPI Pro Julie Le

      Even though we’re staying in, stay in contact. You can connect with clients by sharing this post to offer them some guidance, and if you still have access to your salon or professional products, OPI educator Julie Le suggests making at-home removal kits and DIY pedi kits for clients (she sold hers for $10) to make a little extra income. If you can’t ship these, maybe some of you can drop them off at their door.

      Lastly, send us your questions or what you’re painting lately on social @OPI and  @opi_professionals. We want to keep in touch! And if you’re looking for more inspiration, you can also head to our OPI YouTube channel, or visit us online at www.opi.com

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