Pro Tips: Powder Perfection Clear Set Powder

Powder Perfection is an acrylic alternative system designed to provide a protective overlay for clients that desire added strength and durability with built in color.

When applied according to OPI Powder Perfection Step by Step instructions, clients can experience more durable nails with long lasting color for up to 2+ weeks.

Here are some pro tips to help avoid common challenges when learning the system:  

  1. Powder perfection application tips for nail technicians

    Precise shaping and contouring will result in a high shine nish. The reason being, shine to the naked eye is recognized by the highlight shown on the nail after Top Coat has been applied. The highlight needs to re ect straight down the nail. If the highlight is broken or ridged, no matter how many layers of Top Coat is applied, the nail will not look shiny to the naked eye so don’t rush through this important step.

  2. Powder perfection application tips for nail technicians

    After each layer of Base Coat & Powder, don’t forget to brush off the excess powder on the nail, and especially around the cuticle area!

  3. Powder perfection application tips for nail technicians

    The first layer of Activator is applied before shaping and contouring so the nail surface will be bumpy with a lot of nooks and crannies for the Activator to go through in order to truly cover the entire surface of the nail. Treat this first layer of Activator as if you were applying base coat to a client with many ridges.

  4. Powder perfection application tips for nail technicians

    The Activator needs to fully dry before contouring with your EDGE 180 File. It’s easy to assume the Activator is quick drying, because it has the consistency of Bond-Aid pH Balancing Agent. But we recommend waiting 2 to 3 minutes then wiping the nail with N.A.S.99 before starting the contouring step and before applying Top Coat.

    Watch the tutorial videos on proper Prep, Application and Removal.

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