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National Drink Wine Day!

In recent months, it seems practically every calendar day marks a new celebratory happening. Take unassuming January 15th. It was not just a Friday, it was "National Strawberry Ice Cream Day". And look at chilly, but generally uneventful February 3rd - it now marks a formal commemoration of carrot cake, (i.e. National Carrot Cake Day.) 

Our take away from this new cultural trend? There is never an inopportune moment to celebrate noteworthy indulgences!

OPI Eats: What Peruvian Food to Eat In Peru

Peru is a land with a rich and vibrant culture. From the peaks of Machu Picchu to the Sacred Valley, we absolutely adore this country, and those elements inspired us to launch our #OPIPeru collection. But beyond the landscape, Peru is a nation that has cuisine with bold and complex flavors, and any discussion about this stronghold of Inca history isn’t complete without mention of some of the most lip-smacking dishes south of the equator.

OPI Eats: Cinco de Mayo Horchata

Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite unofficial holidays for many food and drink-related reasons. Tortilla chips and guacamole, street tacos, margaritas...what's not to like? One drink we're excited to make is Mexican Horchata - a cold drink made with almonds, rice, and cinnamon. Below, we share the recipe to make this for yourself and home and it's super easy! Read the steps below and ENJOY!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

OPI Eats: Grog in Fiji

Fiji is more than beautiful beaches and dreamy blue waters, it's a country rich in culture and history where the Fijian locals share stories of traditions, rituals and even native recipes. One of these recipes we discovered during our trip to the islands is grog, a drink made of sun-dried kava root and fresh water, best served cold in the shell of a coconut. And it is DELICIOUS. The Fijian locals were kind enough to share the process of making grog with us. Watch the video below! 

OPI Eats: Tutti Frutti Popsicles

Beat the heat with this healthy and refreshing summertime treat. Exploding with fresh fruit flavor and hints of dark chocolate, these Tutti Frutti Popsicles are sure to keep you cool and get you into the summertime groove. With your shimmery light pink nails and popsicle in hand, you'll feel ready to take on the hot summer rays!

OPI Drinks: Southern Sweet Tea

The warming weather is a clear sign of one thing - it's sweet tea season! Inspired by our freinds in the South–especially in the city of New Orleans– we're planning to make sweet tea our go-to beverage this spring.

To help, we're serving up a delicious sweet tea recipe that will transform you into the talk of the town. So, go on, layer on a few coats of OPI's Humidi-Tea and invite the ladies over for a fun afternoon in the sun. 




National Margarita Day!

Is it just me, or were the people who create the "National ___ Days" super thirsty around this time of year? First National Drink Wine Day and then BOOM, before you get a chance to recover from the weekend, they hit us with National Margarita Day (February 22).  Maybe they we're making up for Dry January?

Not that we're complaining... we love a good excuse to sip on a few margs. Here's an easy Strawberry Margarita recipe to share with three of your besties: