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All Our Love for Lisboa - A Travel Guide

Known for it’s Fado music, custard tarts, and pastel colored streets, Portugal’s capital city, and OPI’s latest muse, is a true hidden gem. For being Western Europe’s oldest city, Lisbon has a flourishing cultural and creative scene; and in the past few years, it become a destination for travelers, photographers and Europeans looking to make the city their new home. Lisbon was built on seven hills, whose cobblestone streets are lined with artisan shops, local bodegas and world-renowned restaurants.


The Market Stalls of Nadi

One of the highlights of our trip to Fiji with OPI included a pit stop at the Market Stalls of Nadi. Stepping off the bus stop in Nadi felt like we had transported to a different time - there was a cinematic feel to stepping out of the colorful station and into the lively marketplace. You can immediately experience the layers of Fiji’s different cultures merging from the sights and smells of the open market - bright blankets teeming with hand crafted goods neighbored stalls displaying exotic fruit and warm spices.

A Road Trip Through Portugal

In only six days, Portugal managed to win my heart. From the quiet coastal towns of the Algarve to the bustle of Lisbon’s Bairro Alto district at night, the vibrant colors of the landscape seemed to match its energy. In order to explore all of the hidden corners along the way, we embarked on a colorful 200 mile road trip from Lisbon’s city center to Lago’s sandy beaches, with plenty of snacks in tow.