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Pro Tips: 51 New Shades in OPI Powder Perfection

You asked, we listened. By popular demand from the #OPIObsessed we have released 51 brand new shades in Powder Perfection. Reinventing acrylic nails with no light required, our innovative formula is fast, easy and odor-free offering weeks of gel-like shine and wear. With natural feeling results and easy soak-off removal, it’s time to Dip. Tap. Perfect. Below, our nail experts share their best tips to use Powder Perfection for your best manicure ever.

Pro Tips: Powder Perfection Clear Set Powder

What is a dip powder manicure? Powder Perfection is an acrylic alternative system designed to provide a protective overlay for clients that desire added strength and durability with built-in color.

How long does dip powder last on nails? When applied according to OPI Powder Perfection Step by Step Application instructions, clients can experience more durable nails with long-lasting color for up to 2+ weeks.

New Year’s Nail Resolution: Health Tips for Your Tips

Happy 2018 beauties! While 2017 is going to be hard to top, I’m ready to kick some butt this year. You with me?


I’m not usually one for making “resolutions” - I feel like they’re a let down waiting to happen, however, I do think it’s important to set goals for yourself and always be striving for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Nothing’s wrong with that.


Pro Tips: Everything You Need to Know About OPI's New Chrome Effects

How do chrome nails work?  Ten years ago, I was introduced to the “chrome” trend. Back then, we created the look of chrome by making a decal or flexible polymer that required heat. The end result was beautiful, but at the time, nail art was just starting to become popular and not everyone could afford this time-intensive process.  

Pro Tips: Year Round Pedicures for Increased Profitability

I hear excuses all of the time in classes, salons and online forums where nail professionals excuse their lack of business during certain times of the year. “No one wants a pedicure in the winter.” Or, “Clients never think about their pedicures during the holidays”...  LIES!

As we make our way into fall and winter, I want to remind all pros that pedicures DO provide year-round business - especially when you are offering services that no one else does.