Pro Tips

Common Client Issues and Easy Fixes

Hey OPI nail pros! Today I want to get back to the basics and talk about common client issues and easy fixes. Even though you might know these tips already, it’s always good practice to get refreshers to keep learning and evolving as an artist. Remember – having a strong, basic foundation will impress your clients with lasting results and keep them coming back for more!


Dry Cuticles

Issue - You have a client who is a gel user, which is great for Fall and Winter, and colder climates, but typically has dry cuticles.

Pro Tips: OPI Color Systems

Since the 1920s, there have been slight innovations in nail polish improving wearability, coverage, consistency, and overall performance. However, in recent years, nail polish has seen a new evolution with the introduction of gel polish that cures under an LED light to the most recent “hybrid” systems that dry or “cures” in normal.

Healthy Precautions for Nail Techs

As pros, it's always very important for us not only to think about healthy ways to service our clients, but healthy precautions that we can take as nail techs to both ensure our safety and the safety of our clients, and our longevity in this amazing business of ours. Below are some precautionary tips to make sure we're following on a daily basis:


Perfecting Your Designscape Lines with Infinite Shine and GelColor

Creating straight lines with a steady hand can be a challenge, even for the most experienced and skilled nail pro. But we’ve got some pro tips to help you perfect your nail art lines when using OPI Infinite Shine and OPI GelColor. Line it up!

Perfecting Lines with Infinite Shine

  • Be sure to wipe off any excess lacquer on the brush step to avoid the lacquer running down into your brush and onto your design.

10 Tips For Mastering Social Media as a Nail Artist

Over the past few years, social media has become a major platform and source of inspiration for the nail industry - both for consumers and professionals. We've come to the point where we, as nail artists, can use platforms like Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest to promote our services and creativity to current and potential customers, as well as connect with like-minded brands and other nail techs. We spoke with UK-based nail tech Sophie Harris-Greenslade a.k.a.