On Trend: The Shades for April

Trending Shades for April
  • Trending Shades for April

    It's April and the vibrant colors of Spring are in full bloom. Fresh blossoms and warm breezes fill the air, and sandal season isn't far behind. For April's nail trends, ease into a playful color palette of sheers, earth tones, yellows and florals to match the whimsy of the season.

    1. Trending Shades for April


      April is the perfect time to enjoy the easy coverage of our favorite sheer shades. Sheer polish can be customized by layering or worn as a single coat for an understated, elegant look.

      Play with Baby, Take a Vow or Chiffon'd of You for an effortless look that goes perfectly with the colorful prints in your Spring wardrobe.

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    2. Trending Shades for April


      Get back to mother nature this season with April's trending earth tone polishes. Earth tones make a statement while still feeling subtle. They're ideal for a polished professional look.

      Ranging from neutrals to like Coconuts for OPI to Olive for Green, there's sure to be an earth tone that suits your spring palette.

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    3. Trending Shades for April


      Think daffodils, tulips, and wild daisies when you reach for trending yellow nail polish shades. Perfect for manicures and pedicures alike, yellow polish adds a pop of color that's perfect for the season.

      Go bold with Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, neutral with Meet a Boy as Cute as Can Be, or golden with Dazzling Dew Drop.

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    4. Which shade will you try on this month? Let us know by snapping a photo of your trendy nail looks, and tag us with #ColorIsTheAnswer for the chance to be featured on our channels. Don’t forget to shop April's trending shades today to welcome this happy season.

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