The View is Better Outside and Up Here

The View is Better Outside and Up Here   - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • The View is Better Outside and Up Here   - The Drop Blog by OPI

    We spend a lot of our time (most of us) inside, confined and where there’s unnatural light and walls. Walls! And even if your work calls you outside of the office, we can agree, you need a breather.  So after a long hard day, instead of retreating to your queen size duvet, binging on House of Cards, why not find the nearest rooftop bar and feel your spirit instantly lifted. (Then, you can watch Francis and Claire rule the world).

    After all, it is springtime and the weather just calls for your full attention. Take advantage of it! It must feel random that we are talking about rooftop bars versus the normal, ground level ones, but there’s magic about a drink with a view. Imagine the cool breeze as you turn off the email sound on your phone and gaze at whatever is before you. No work in sight, just a tiny joy of a celebration that says, you did good work today, now enjoy yourself. We forget the effects of what an environment can do for us; sipping on rooftop bars can be the ultimate mood booster and the remedy for any day.

    If you live in a metropolitan area, there are sure to be rooftop gems to be discovered. Find one that premiers your city’s skyline or one that is the perfect spot to people watch. Maybe it’s the European lifestyle we so love and covet, but gathering with friends outside of the busy-life mindset for an after-work glass of wine just feels right and true to our hearts. Taking that practice and bring it outside is even more chic, so we suggest you do so.

    Written by Tracy Le -