Bringing Back the 60s & 70s with Pop Culture Bubbles

OPI Pop Culture collection blog
  • OPI Pop Culture collection blog

    We recently launched Pop Culture, a collection of six vibrant shades made from a new lacquer formula that adds a bit of texture to your nail polish manicure. What inspired this bubbly surprise? Let us tell you...

    The 1960s were a decade of pop culture born out of experimentation. Whether it was the Beatles coming across the pond and changing the music landscape forever or the Vietnam War sparking outrage and protest among millions of people, sex, love and rock and roll were some of the ways society coped with their frustrations.

    And the way people began to present themselves became tantamount to this freedom of expression. Andy Warhol, Bob Dylan and Lichtenstein are just a few of the people who changed the art and fashion landscape through their different art forms.

    Inspired by bold bauble earrings, round sunnies and turtlenecks, our latest capsule channels the "It Girl" via the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Twiggy and The Supremes. With six new shades to choose from, we give an ode to the 1960s, and encapsulate this overwhelming era in a relevant way. Because who doesn't want to embody the iconic fashion moments of a Factory Girl with a bubbly manicure?

    See below for the new shades...

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