Virgo Season: September Horoscopes

OPI Colorscopes are here
  • OPI Colorscopes are here

    Welcome back to another month of Colorscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month highlighting the sign of Virgo!

    Virgo Season - It's time to take inventory of your life: 


    Virgo Season! Virgo means Virgin in Latin, but why? Virgo is the season marker of “the harvest,” as denoted by the sign's image of a woman holding a grain of wheat. Legend is it’s the vegetation Goddess named Demeter, mother of a virgin named Persephone, who found out that the underworld god Hades had kidnapped her daughter. Demetra, out of deep sadness, birthed the four seasons. Fall and winter signified when Persephone went missing, and thus her mother mourned, neglecting the crops on Earth. Spring and Summer signified her daughters return to her and in celebration, she gave an abundance of vegetation on Earth. Virgo season denotes the descent into Fall when we must be wise and resourceful about what is necessary to carry forward with us for the coming months (i.e. thoughts, ideas, things, and people). This season signifies forethought, the need for precision, attention to detail, and self-care. Now is when we take what we need, and thoughtfully give the rest to others.

    Written by Rose Theodora -