Libra Season: October Horoscopes

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    Welcome back to another month of Colorscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month highlighting the sign of Libra!

    Libra Season- Where all of life is balanced, weighed and made fair.


    Libra Season! When night and day share the sky equally, marked by the Autumn Equinox, we too, during Libra season begin weighing our lives. The sign Libra signifies balance and justice when all options are weighed and contemplated. Autumn equinox denotes the balancing of light and dark, or day and night, and the same goes for our lives, we are becoming more aware of where our struggles lie in relationship to our goals. Libra, as an air sign, gains clarity and understanding through relationships. Libra season is when we master the art of give and take. It’s also when we gain deeper insight into how we approach one-to-one relationships, striving to see them as mirrors for our own self-mastery. We contemplate what areas of our life need tending to, in order to be in better balance, and thus, more harmonious and at peace.

    Written by Rose Theodora -