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3+ Weeks of Shine-Intense Wear

Changing the shine + wear game, OPI GelColor is available in 140+ shades for a glossy, long-lasting manicure. Find OPI GelColor at a salon near you.

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3+ Weeks of Wear

"Oh my perfect nails, I had them done weeks ago". With OPI GelColor offering 3 weeks of intense wear and shine, you'll never have nail problems again. 

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It's Raining Nail Polish

With over 140+ iconic OPI shades available in GelColor, you're covered from office meetings to champagne fueled parties. 


New Design, Same Quality

We've upgraded our gel nail polish bottles to ensure your collection looks fiercer than ever. Expect the same proven formula, application & iconic OPI shade results. 

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OPI Dual Cure LED Light



Our Dual Cure LED Light, powered by LG Innotek, features TruCure Technology™. This exclusive curing process utilizes two wavelengths to create better wear and continued shine.

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The new 7.5 mL midi size is perfect for trial or enabling salons to expand their GelColor shade offering.

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New 7.5ML Trial Size Gel Polish Shades by OPI
Hannah Bronfman bio


Hannah Bronfman


Native New Yorker, DJ, Health and Wellness enthusiast and nail polish afficiendo. Here's why she loves GelColor.

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This tutorial requires products sold only to salon professionals.

Gel Polish Nail art by Mei Kawajiri @nailsbymei and OPI
  1. Shake GelColor Base Coat vigorously for 1 minute.
  2. After properly prepping the nails, apply 1 coat of GelColor Base Coat. Cure for 30 seconds in Dual Cure LED Light.
  3. Shake OPI GelColor vigorously for 1 minute. (Shades included in this look are: Gelato on My Mind & Licoln Park After Dark)
  4. Using a detailing brush and Gelato On My Mind, create two lines on each side of the nail and leave negative space in the middle. Flash Cure. 
  5. Using a detailing brush and Lincoln Park After Dark, fill in the space near the sidewall of the nail. Cure.  
  6. Apply 1 coat of GelColor Top Coat. Cure

To complete this look you will need:

GelColor Base Coat - GelColor - OPI
Gelato on My Mind - GelColor - OPI
Lincoln Park After Dark - GelColor - OPI
OPI GelColor Top Coat
OPI Dual Cure UV LED light GL902
Mei Kawajiri  @nailsbymei Nail Artist for OPI GelColor ProHealht

Nail Artist Spotlight

Mei Kawajiri




Mei Kawajiri is one of the world's most recognized manicurists. Working with top brands, companies and clientele including GelColor ambassador Hannah Bronfman. Mei is known for her hand-painted, highly detailed nail art and unique 3D sculpture techniques. Along with an impressive list of loyal celebrities. Mei's work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, W, CR Fashion Book, PAPER, Cosmopolitan, and People, to name just a few. She's also partnered with major brands from Givenchy and Balenciaga to Google, Samsung and American Express. The Japanese native moved to New York City just 5 years ago and continues to make a major splash in the international beauty industry. The nail pro recently played with our GelColor system, check out the nail art looks she created!

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