Hold That Line

Gel Polish Nail art by Mei Kawajiri @nailsbymei and OPI
  1. Shake GelColor Base Coat vigorously for 1 minute.
  2. After properly prepping the nails, apply 1 coat of GelColor Base Coat. Cure for 30 seconds in Dual Cure LED Light.
  3. Shake OPI GelColor vigorously for 1 minute. (Shades included in this look are: Gelato on My Mind & Licoln Park After Dark)
  4. Using a detailing brush and Gelato On My Mind, create two lines on each side of the nail and leave negative space in the middle. Flash Cure. 
  5. Using a detailing brush and Lincoln Park After Dark, fill in the space near the sidewall of the nail. Cure.  
  6. Apply 1 coat of GelColor Top Coat. Cure

To complete this look you will need:

Gelato on My Mind - GelColor - OPILincoln Park After Dark - GelColor - OPIGelColor Top Coat - Top & Base Coats - OPIDual Cure LED Light - Hardware - OPI