Infinite Shine Brightening Primer

CODE: 22888100115

Nail brightener that works like a base coat, helping to instantly whiten and brighten nails for a fresher and cleaner appearance.

Product Description

  • Infinite Shine Treatment Primer Base Coats feature nutrient-enriched formulas designed to address the most common nail concerns.
  • Nail brightener infused with antioxidant-rich lotus flower oil and bamboo extract.
  • Conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes nails.
  • Made in the USA.


All-in-one Infinite Shine treatment and primer base coat designed to treat nails while providing up to 11 days of gel-like wear and shine.

How to Use

  • Step 1. Apply one coat of the Treatment Primer Base to prepared nails.
  • Step 2. Apply two coats of Infinite Shine color. Wait two minutes after second coat before applying Infinite Shine Gloss Top Coat.
  • Step 3. Finish with one coat of Gloss Top Coat for a durable finish that cures to a mirror shine in natural light.

Brightening Primer

Nails seem dull or yellow? Brightening Treatment Primer contains lotus flower extract, bamboo extract, lime flower extract and lemon to help nails feel instantly brighter for a fresher, cleaner appearance. Citrus’ such as lime and lemon are known to help instantly brighten and help revitalize nail appearance from visible effects of staining and other discolorations of the nail.

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Treatment Primer Base Coats address the most common nail concerns in four unique formulas designed to help strengthen, condition, smooth or brighten nails. Infinite Shine Treatment Primers are infused with nutrient-enriched ingredients specifically formulated to work with the Infinite Shine long-wear lacquer system to provide up to 11 days of gel-like wear and shine.

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