Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer

Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer
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pro only

Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer

Get precision application and long-lasting gels with OPI's Axxium No-Cleanse UV Top Sealer.

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Makes finishing faster than ever! This brush-on, non-yellowing sealer fills in imperfections and seals any enhancement with a high shine. The tack-free finish is brilliant straight from the UV light!

Fast finishing
Easy brush-on application.

High-shine protection
Ideal for sealing all Axxium Gel and OPI acrylic services.

Eliminates finish filing
Simply file with 100-grit side of FLEX Silver 100/180 Buffer, cleanse and apply!

Spa-friendly services.