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Endlessly enticing pale pink nail polish.

Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs.

Pink with a touch of peach.

Samoan Sand

A warm beige-pink long-wear nail polish.

Taupe-less Beach

There's nothing optional about wearing this enticing taupe long-wear nail polish.

Samoan Sand

A warm beige-pink nail polish.

Pearlescent Nail Trends to Try This Spring

... hues like soft, shimmery blues, lavenders, pinks, and nudes. You’ll see them on runways, in streetwear, and most definitely on ...

Happy Nail Polish Day!

... as much as color inspires us, so we gave you reds, pinks, nudes – you name it – and you did the rest. You created nail art that was ...

NEW Holiday Collection! Love, OPI XOXO

... are as festive as our favorite holiday activities. From soft nudes to sultry hues, find the message in every bottle with our limited edition ...

Try These Holiday Beauty Looks

... OPI lacquer in Meet My Decorator .   Blues & Nudes A photo posted by Katie Jane Hughes ...

We Believe in the Power of Color

... and the things we love. From rainbow-colored hues to true nudes, there is an answer for every mood, moment or milestone. Follow our ...

Pro Spotlight: Raven Hennington-Billberry

... not too big. The shades are to die for! I go for either nudes, bright colors, or glitter, and OPI offers great selections of all of ...

Pro Spotlight: Chelsea Baart

... of that, there will also be a more natural and organic look. Nudes, florals, and soft ethereal type looks. Very feminine.    ...