OPI Test Salon

OPI Test Salon

Welcome to the OPI Test Salon

Calling the #OPIObsessed we need you! You know our nail polish better than anyone, so we want you to help us and test out our amazing new products for free. All you need is a love for OPI, what are you waiting for?

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How Do I Get Involved?

Want to try OPI's newest products in development and future nail colors for free? To become an OPI Insider and try this exclusive experience, all you need is:

  • A love of OPI aka a nail polish obsession
  • Your nails must be in healthy condition
  • You need to be over 18
  • The ability to attend regular, free salon appointments
  • A love of trying new things


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T H E   G O L D E N   R U L E S

Keep it secret, keep it solo! As an insider, we're entrusting you with exclusive information that you can't share with anyone.

OPI Test Salon

It's time to try something new at the OPI Test Salon where we choose the nail polish.

OPI Test Salon

It's time to go to nail school and pay attention. Keep your eyes peeled on that nail polish and get ready to give feedback. 

OPI Test Salon

For the best results, we need you to take care of your nails.