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Rossio Square Flair

This minimal nail art look features neutrals and nudes and is perfect for someone who loves classic nail art styles.

Spring 2018 nail art
  1. Apply 1 coat of OPI GelColor Base Coat. Cure 30 seconds in OPI Dual Cure LED Light.
  2. Apply 2 thin coats of OPI GelColor Lisbon Wants Moore OPI. Cure each coat 30 seconds.

  3. Using OPI GelColor Suzi Chases Portu-geese and a fine detailing brush, draw a large semi circle on one side of the nail. Draw two smaller circles on the opposite corners of the nail. Cure 30 seconds. Repeat if necessary for desired color coverage. ProTip – Cleanse nail with Expert Touch Nail Wipe saturated in N.A.S. 99 to provide a non-tacky surface for thin line work.

  4. Using OPI GelColor You’ve Got Nata On Me, draw diamond shapes in the center of the larger semi circle. Cure 30 seconds. Repeat if necessary for desired color coverage.

  5. Mixing 2:1 ratio of OPI GelColor We Seafood and Eat It and OPI GelColor Now Museum, Now You Don’t, draw leaf shapes in between each diamond and in the center of smaller semi circles.

  6. Using iridescent foil, cut slightly smaller diamond shapes to the ones previously drawn. Dab OPI GelColor Base Coat on top of the diamond shapes. Do not cure. Place cut diamond shaped iridescent foil in uncured OPI GelColor Base Coat. Cure 30 seconds.

  7. Apply small dabs of OPI GelColor Top Coat on top of the foil pieces.

  8. Apply a thin coat of OPI GelColor Top Coat to the entire nail. Cure 30 seconds.

To complete this look you will need:

Watch the tutorial:

GelColor Nail Art Tutorial: "Rossio Square Flair" | OPI Lisbon Collection