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Get ready for some Summer lovin', introducing #OPIxGrease with 12 limited edition shades in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor, plus three new special effect nail lacquers.


OPI Grease collection

Grease is the Word

To celebrate the iconic film's 40th anniversary, we're on hand to ensure you're saying #TellMeAboutItStud with retro summer shades inspired by Grease. It's time to grab the Danny to your Sandy, these bright colors are ready to spark romantic nights ahead.


Lisbon Collection

Join us on the lively streets of Lisbon for a rainbow of vivid hues designed to brighten up your Spring.


Iceland Collection

Feel the arctic freeze on your fingertips! Discover the beauty and brilliance of Iceland with a palette all about the captivating country. 

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California Dreaming

OPI California Dreaming collection

Take a trip to our home state with the West Coast inspired shades in our California Dreaming collection.



Get lost in island life! Experience an everyday slice of paradise with nails painted in these vibrant colors.


Washington D.C.

Rip down the red tape with a palette perfect for America’s capital city. Feel the power of polish!

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New Orleans Collection

New Orleans 2016 Gel Polish Collection

Parade around town and hit all the parties in lacquer inspired by New Orleans' iconic carnival culture.

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Venice Collection

Venice Nail Polish Collection by OPI

Escape to the beautiful canals and intricate architecture of Italy's Venice island. 

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Hawaii Collection

Hawaii Collection by OPI

Say aloha to this array of shades! Hawaii Collection lacquers bring you the luscious tropic tones of Pacific island life.

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