OPI’s Stay at Home Challenge #1: Animal Nail Art!

We know there’s only so many things you can do at home – watch movies, read, dance, organise your entire nail polish collection – which is why we created a Stay at Home Challenge that we will share over the weeks to make your days ahead a little more bright and colourful. This week we’re kicking off an animal nail art challenge. That’s right, we want to see your best animal nail art with your favourite shades.

We want to share nail art looks that are easy to recreate all on your own. Take a look at the design below to inspire your animal nail art, but if you don’t have these on hand, any shades will do!


Snap your animal print nailfie and share it using #StayAtHomeChallenge and tag us @opinailsuk for a chance to feature on our Instagram story!


Get the Look: Set the Moo-d

1. Apply one coat of Nail Envy and allow it to dry. 2. Apply two coats of Alpine Snow. Let each coat fully dry. 3. Take a dotting tool and using Black Onyx create random shapes on the nail 4. Apply 1 coat of top coat to seal your nail art and allow it to dry.