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Do Your Clients Need a Gel Break?

Gel manicures

Gel manicures have become every girl’s lifesaver for years now, providing weeks of glossy colour with no need for touch ups! But as appealing as gel manicures are, they can be damaging to nails if they’re not done right. A common misconception with clients is that the gel product itself is damaging, however, this is not the case; the mistake lies with incorrect application or removal of the gel product.

Incorrect removal of soak-off gel polish

The improper removal of soak-off gel polish is rapidly becoming the biggest problem within the nail industry. The most common reason why nail plates are injured during soak-off gel removal is because nail technicians do not let the product soak long enough to fully break the bond to the natural nail. As leaders in innovation – with the professional’s need at the forefront of the brand-   OPI are reinforcing their market leadership by fuelling the nail treatment category.

Introducing Gel Break

OPI introduces, Gel Break, a 3-step system designed to restore nails back to health after damage from improper application or removal of gel polish. OPI’s Gel Break Restorative System helps nails appear healthy and rejuvenated – in just one week. The application is similar to a classic manicure service and there is no need to cure under a light.

OPI’s Gel Break Restorative System

Do you have clients who love the benefits of a gel manicure but have stopped getting them because they think gel is damaging? Or are you the client wanting to take a break from gel manicures, but don’t want to go bare?

Gel Break by OPI appeals to both the professional and the client. Instead of losing clients who prefer the service that earns you the most money, revive their nails with OPI’s Gel Break, professional in-between gel manicure treatment system. Enriched with reparative vitamins and minerals, Gel Break serum-infused base coat, sheer colour, available in three subtle hues to complement all skin tones, and protective top coat restore nail health while keeping your clients looking polished in just one week. There’s no need to hide your nails while in recovery, in just a week your nails make a comeback!

3 – Step Treatment System

Step 1. Serum-infused base coat – Formulated with special prismatic pigments to offset nail yellowing and mask discolouration. Enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract, this unique shimmer-serum base coat masks nail imperfections and discolouration’s while laying the foundation for a flawless Gel Break manicure.

Step 2. Sheer layer of colour – leaves nails naturally perfected. Available in 3 nude shades designed to perfectly complement a broad spectrum of skin tones. Properly Pink is ideal for fair skin tones. Too Tantalizing is ideal for medium skin tones. Barely Beige is ideal for dark skin tones.

Step 3. Protective Top Coat – Enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins and bamboo extract, this protective top coat preserves and protects nails while providing a high gloss finish.

How does Gel Break Treatment work?

 OPI Gel Break was designed to restore and defend the nails that are damaged from improper removal of gel polish – improper removal of gel polish consists of peeling and/ or scraping the polish off of the nails vs. properly soaking.

There is no need to abrasively peel or scrape off OPI GelColor when properly removed according to OPI protocols. (Please refer to OPI GelColor Removal Step by Step for proper removal protocols). Improving the condition of the nails with long lasting reliable results, take a break from gel but don’t go bare!

Gel Break works through a 3 step system; base coat, natural colour, and top coat. After 1 week from applying the Gel Break Treatment, nails will appear looking healthy and rejuvenated. Clients will see results from the treatment after 7 days, the treatment can be re-applied for added benefits – we recommend removing the first application with lacquer remover before re-applying Gel Break treatment. Post Gel Break, don’t have your clients go back to any gel, use OPI GelColor that doesn’t damage nails when applied and removed correctly and your clients will never take a break from gel again!