Why OPI?

Meet Harriet Westmoreland – OPI’s Global Brand Ambassador (Expired Partnership)


*Expired partnership*

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Introducing Harriet Westmoreland – the internationally renowned nail artist to the A-list and our new Global Brand Ambassador. We wanted to find out more about Harriet and what inspired her to enter the nail tech world. She shares her story as well as top tips and who she wishes she could give a manicure to… 

1) What inspired you to start doing nails? 

My granny inspired me to start doing manicures. She would always have immaculate nails and I grew up watching her manicure them every Saturday.  


2) In your opinion, what is an underrated nail design/trend that more people should know about? 

I think the marble nail design is underrated and underused, it’s a great addition to a sheer pink or nude and so chic.  


3) My daily routine? 

Each day can vary so much.  On a chill day I get up in the morning, make a coffee and walk Lennon my Pom.  I’ll then catch up on my emails before doing the school run.   In the evening I take Noah to jitsu and boxing training.  If I’m working,  I’m on the 6am train to London seeing clients or having meetings all over London.  I usually get back home to York around 10pm. 


4) My biggest achievement to date? 

Becoming Global Ambassador for OPI, it really is a dream come true for me. 


5) What tips would you give to aspiring nail artists? 

I would say find your niche. Define the thing you love doing the most within manicures and push forward with that, whether it’s a french or extensions. 


6) One thing you didn’t know about me? 

I am obsessed with fragrance!  Not only do I love wearing it, but I really enjoy learning about the different notes and how they work together.  I’ve lost count how many bottles I own now, but I wear them all. A different one for each occasion! 


7) My first ever job? 

Working in the kitchen in the village pub. 


8) If I could give anyone a manicure (dead or alive), it would be… 

David Bowie. 


9) My favourite OPI shade? 

Baby Take a Vow.