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Nail Salon Hygiene: What to Watch Out For

As we all wait for businesses to reopen, we know hygiene and sanitation are top of mind. Rest assured that at OPI, we are doing everything we can to give our beloved professional community the tools to reopen their doors safely both for you, and for them.

Keep an eye out for:

Entrance door protocol. Your salon may ask to check your temperature before letting you in. This is a measure that has been required from a number of states as part of the minimum standard health protocols required by law. It’s ok. Just make sure it’s a no-contact thermometer like a forehead thermometer.

Sanitised and disinfected tools. Your nail tech has to use either new or disinfected tools – certain absorbent items must be kept to single-use only, like a nail buffer. Salon employees should be dedicating extra time in between clients to sanitise stations and tools, including carts, drawers, containers, and UV/LED lamps.

Increased sanitation. All surfaces are meant to be spotless – salons must keep nail stations clean when not in use, and the reception area should have non-essential materials removed, such as magazines. Hand sanitiser dispensers should be on display for customers to use, and restrooms should have the same sanitation standards with more frequent cleanings.

Physical distancing. Your salon entrance or waiting area should be adjusted to encourage social distancing, and every other station should be used to keep clients and techs at a safe distance. When you have completed your appointment, check for contactless payment options to reduce handling credit cards and cash, and refrain from hand shaking or hugging.

Masks and gloves. You nail tech is expected to wear masks and gloves while operating the facility and treating you & other clients. We also strongly encourage clients to wear masks during their appointments. If you do not have one, feel free to request when you get in.

Steps you can take:

Book an appointment. Booking an appointment in advance ensures that you get in and out at the time you requested, and helps reduce the amount of people in the salon at once.

Bring your own polish. We encourage you to bring your own shades if you’re feeling trepidation surrounding the use of shared bottles. Alternatively, you can purchase a shade in your local salon during your appointment if you don’t want to share, to keep it with you in between treatments.

Bring your own tools. Many salons have been offering at-home tool kits, or perhaps you own your own already – simply bring yours to your appointment or ask for information on how you can purchase one.

Stay home if you’re sick. We’re all in this together, so do your part to ensure the health and safety of others.


We know you’re eager to get back to salons to get that perfect mani. We hope this guide brings you some much-needed reassurance as you start booking that first appointment back.

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