ProSpa Mani Signature Tutorial

Beyond Tip-ical. Give clients the signature mani of their dreams and watch jaws drop.

Step by Step

  1. Step 1

    Apply a good amount of ProSpa Micro-Exfoliating Hand Scrub to the back of the hands and arms in a circular motion. Exfoliate for about two minutes.

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  2. Step 2

    Remove the scrub using a warm, damp towel. Then warm up some Moisture Mask between your palms and apply to their hands and arms.

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  3. Step 3

    After 5 minutes, remove the mask and clean hands with a Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution.

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  4. Step 4

    Warm up some Massage Cream in your palms, then massage their hands, wrists, and forearms for 5 minutes.

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  5. Step 5

    Wipe down nails with a Nail Wipe saturated with N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution to clean the surface of their nails.

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  6. Step 6

    Trim and shape nails if they need it.

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  7. Step 7

    Apply ProSpa Exfoliating Cuticle Cream to nails and gently push back the eponychium using a cuticle pusher to reveal the true cuticle. Wipe down the nails again to remove residue.

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  8. Step 8

    Using your Dexterity tool, remove any excess tissue from the nail plate. Make sure to keep the tool flat against the nail to avoid slipping.

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  9. Step 9

    Remove any hangnails or tissue that are still visible with an AccuNip.

    Mani Signature SBS Step9 mobile 184x184
  10. Step 10

    Smooth the nails with the 220 side of your 220/280 FLEX.

    Mani Signature SBS Step10 mobile 184x184
  11. Step 11

    Wipe down nails with a Nail Wipe and N.A.S. 99 Nail Cleansing Solution for a clean, smooth surface, then start your colour application.

    Mani Signature SBS Step11 mobile 184x184
  12. Step 12

    Once the nails are dry, moisturise by massaging ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil into each finger.

    Mani Signature SBS Step12 mobile 184x184
  13. Step 13

    Top it all off with Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray on hands and arms.

    Mani Signature SBS Step13 mobile 184x184

Video Tutorial

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