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Ice Climber

This color blocking nail art look features dark colors and is perfect for someone who loves bold nail art styles.

OPI Iceland Collection infinite shine long wear nail polish nail art called Ice Climber
  1. Apply one coat OPI Infinite Shine PRIMER Base Coat .
  2. Apply two coats of Infinite Shine Check Out the Old Geysirs.
  3. Using Infinite Shine Less is Norse and a detailing bush, paint a diagonal line from the base to the tip and fill with color.
  4. Using Infinite Shine Turn On the Northern Lights! and a detailing brush, color block and fill the tip of the nail as shown.
  5. Using Infinite Shine Suzi & The Arctic Fox and a detailing brush, color block the base of nail as shown.
  6. Finish with OPI Infinite Shine GLOSS Top Coat and let dry.

To complete this look you will need: