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Nude Lattice

This minimal matte nails nail art look features neutrals and nudes and is perfect for someone who loves classic nail art styles.

OPI, Washington DC, Kerry Washington, fall nail art, nail polish art
  1. Apply Natural Nail Base Coat & Let Dry
  2. Apply a coat of Pale to the Chief on all but the ring finger
  3. Apply a coat of Kerry Blossom on the ring finger
  4. Apply a second coat to all nails
  5. Let lacquer dry completely (about 15-20 minutes)
  6. Apply OPI Top Coat to all nails & let dry
  7. On the pinkie, lay down four pieces of striping tape diagonally across the nail
  8. Lay additional pieces diagonally in the opposite direction to create a diamond pattern
  9. Repeat the same steps on the rest of the nude nails
  10. Apply OPI Matte Top Coat to the pinkie. Remove the striping tape promptly
  11. Repeat this process on the rest of the nude nails, working one nail at a time

To complete this look you will need:

OPI Washington DC | Nude Lattice