Nail Care

Nail Care

The perfect manicure needs more than just nail color, so treat your hands and feet to the perfect nail treatments, top coats, manicure tools and more.

OPI ProSpa Advanced Softening Gloves and Socks

Introducing our new innovation

Treat yourself to the new OPI ProSpa advanced softening gloves and socks, formulated for hands and feet perfection. 

We've combined a soothing formula shea butter, macadamia oil and other nourishing ingredients to hydrate, nourish and soften skin ready for your best manicure and pedicure ever.

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How healthy are your nails?

Visit the OPI Nail Clinic for a solution to every nail dilemma in the book.

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The OPI Nail Clinic
Nail Care 101: Brittle Nails

The solution to brittle nails

If your nails are feeling weak and broken, you’re most likely dealing with brittle nails. We’ve got the expert advice to get them back in tip top shape, no more breakage allowed.

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