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Nail Art Brushes

Artist Series - #8 Acrylic Oval Brush

Features a lightweight wood handle with a comfortable grip for effortless brush control.



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Nail Art BrushesArtist Series - #8 Acrylic Oval Brush

Feature an oval brush head that provide excellent liquid retention for working with larger amounts of product Tapers to a sharp, fine point for precise smile lines and detail work. Firm, high-quality Kolinski bristles provide maximum resilience, suppleness, and flexibility Ultra-firm belly enables precise and effortless sculpting. Available in two styles: wood handle, and metal two-piece with cover that reduces to a compact 4 1/2 inches.

#8 Oval brush head. The ultimate acrylic sculpting brush! Tapers to an exacting point perfect for details and clean, crisp smile lines. 100% natural Kolinski bristles. Firm, resilient, high-quality bristles provide excellent liquid retention and effortless sculpting.