Hollywood 4-Pack Minis Nail Lacquer

Hollywood 4-Pack Minis Nail Lacquer

Hollywood 4-Pack Minis Nail Lacquer

Explore colors inspired by classic Hollywood with a modern twist with the Spring '21 Mini Nail Lacquer 4-Pack nail polish kit from OPI.

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  • Celebrate 40 years of OPI with red carpet-ready nail polish inspired by Hollywood glamour.
  • Kit includes:
  • 4 – Mini Nail Lacquers 3.75 mL – .125 Fl. Oz. 
  • Up to seven days of wear.
  • Fast-drying formula.
  • Over 200 shades to choose from.

    <li>Properly prep your natural nail to ensure nail lacquer adhesion.</li>
    <li>Start by applying one coat of <a href="https://www.opi.com/nail-care/top-and-base-coats/natural-nail-base-coat">OPI Natural Nail Base Coat</a>.</li>
    <li>Shake nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!).</li>
    <li>Apply two thin coats to each nail. Brush some nail polish at the nail&#39;s free edge to cap the nail and help prevent chipping.</li>
    <li>Lastly, apply <a href="https://www.opi.com/nail-care/top-and-base-coats/opi-top-coat">OPI Top Coat</a>. Also cap the free edge with Top Coat.</li>
    <li>For a manicure that&#39;s dry to the touch in minutes, apply 1 drop of <a href="https://www.opi.com/nail-care/drying-agents-and-finishers/drip-dry">DripDry Lacquer Drying Drops</a> to each nail.</li>

About the Collection

To celebrate OPI’s 40th anniversary, we are returning to our birthplace with the Hollywood Collection. This star-studded collection includes warm neutrals, intense reds and pinks, subdued blue hues, and more for award-winning nail looks. The Spring 2021 OPI Hollywood Collection offers a taste of Hollywood at its best.

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