So Into Blue

So Into Blue

So Into Blue

These modern French tip press on nails feature blue details you'll crush on.

  • You'll be sure to have a obsess over these minimalistic blue on neutral press-on nails.
  • Each pack of these minimalist design tip press-on nails comes in a classic, short length with a rounded tip.
  • Each xPRESS/ON nail kit puts professional quality shades, nail art designs, or innovative nail effects at your fingertips. Create your own custom look by mixing and matching different colors and designs. Each set includes nail glue, a cuticle stick, a dual nail file and buffer, an OPI prep pad, and 30 nails in different mani sizes to fit you perfectly. Your OPI xPRESS/ON kit gives you 14 days of head-turning wear.
  • 14 days of seriously head-turning wear.
  • Reusable press-on nails so you can press again and again and again.
  • Our tips are made with 94% post-consumer recycled materials, the packaging is responsibly sourced and inner packaging is made with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Check the How2Recycle information on the pack and with local regulations to keep making a difference!
  • Vegan. No animal-derived ingredients.
  1. Fit: Cover your natural nail with each press-on to find your perfect size, ensuring you align the number with your natural nail tip.
  2. Shape: Do you with custom shapes and lengths using the Shape Up side of your file.
  3. Prep: Clip or file nails as needed and lightly buff your nail surface. Remove dust and debris from nails with the Prep to xPRESS pad, then gently push back cuticles.
  4. xPRESS: Remove glue cap and gently squeeze the bottle. For longer wear, apply glue to the back of your press-on nail and your natural nail. For short term wear, only apply glue to your press-on nail.
  5. No sweat removal: Soak your nails in warm water for 10 minutes and apply a small amount of acetone to nail base using a cotton swab. Then gently lift press-ons with your Cuticle Stick.

Press-on Nails

Hot off the press! Introducing xPRESS/ON, our new 14-day wear gel-like press-ons that put OPI’s professional quality shades, nail art designs, and innovative effects right at your fingertips.