Nature Strong - 32 PC Display

Nature Strong - 32 PC Display
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OPI Nature Strong 32 Piece Display
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OPI Nature Strong 32 Piece Display
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Nature Strong - 32 PC Display

Inspire your clients with natural origin nail polishes that perform at professional standard with OPI Nature Strong, our first plant-based, natural-origin nail lacquers.

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  • 9-Free* and cruelty-free. *US only.
  • Vegan formula
  • Glitter made from cellulose from sustainably farmed eucalyptus trees
  • Plant-based ingredients sourced from nature
  • Long-lasting, high-shine finish
  • Over 30 original shades to choose from
  1. Properly prep your natural nail to ensure natural origin nail polish adhesion.
  2. Apply one coat of Nature Strong Base Coat
  3. Shake natural-origin nail polish shade of choice before application to properly mix pigment (this will help avoid streakiness!).
  4. Apply two thin coats to each nail. Brush some nail polish at the nail's free edge to cap the nails and help prevent chipping.
  5. Lastly, apply Nature Strong Top Coat for extra shine and protection.
About OPI Nature Strong Line Extension Natural Origin Nail Polish

About Natural Origin Nail Polish

Our natural origin vegan nail lacquer stays on so YOU can stay natural. With vibrant shades, glitters, and a 2-in-1 Botanical Base Coat, feel emflowered from hand to toe.


OPI Nature Strong Ingredients

Nature Strong's natural origin, the non-GMO formula is 9-free* and made from quality plant and mineral-based ingredients like sugar cane, wheat, and corn. We proudly carry the Vegan Societ seal (yay!), aka, our formula is free of animal-derived ingredients and 100% certified cruelty-free. P.S. Our bottle and cap are made with 20% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials. *US only.


OPI Nature Strong Natural Origin Nail Polish Ingredients
OPI Nail Lacquer vs. OPI Nature Strong Natural Origin Nail Lacquer

OPI Nature Strong vs. Nail Lacquer

Listen up. We know you’ve been on the hunt for a natural polish that actually works—one that is made up of natural ingredients you can trust and one that doesn’t require you to choose between performance and natural, because, well, you shouldn’t have to. So we poured every effort into making a long-lasting, highly pigmented vegan lacquer that stays on so you can stay natural.