Tooling Wallet

Tooling Wallet
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Tooling Wallet

Genuine Leather Case

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CONTAINS the following Titanium tools inserted in an acrylic tooling display:

1 - Pusher Plus 

1 - Dexterity

1 - PusherGuard

1 - DoubleDuty

1 - PediPusher

1 - File Edger 

1 - AccuNip

Contains 7 Tooling implements

  • AccuNip Titanium Precision Cuticle Nipper
  • PusherPlus Titanium Multi-Use Pusher
  • Dexterity Titanium Dual-Edged Nail Plate Cleaner
  • PusherGuard Titanium Sensitive Cuticle Pusher
  • DoubleDuty Titanium Dual-Sided Pusher
  • PediPusher Titanium Multi-Use Implement
  • FileEdger Titanium with 30" chain
  • Stylish leather case: The stylish, professional and portable way to organize implements! Made of durable leather with a zipper closure.