Breast Cancer Awareness: Powerful Pink Nail Art

It’s October which means it’s time to think pink! To honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month we’re showing our support with a powerful pink nail art look from the nail art queen herself: @nailartbysig.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Powerful Pink Nail Art

Follow this step-by-step guide to rock this look all month long or any time of the year to show your support. Show us your pink nail art by tagging @opi and #ColorIsTheAnswer for a chance to be featured all month long.

You will need:

  1. To properly prepped nails, apply one coat of Natural Nail Base Coat and allow it to dry.

  2. Apply two to three coats of Put It In Neutral. Be sure to let each coat dry for 2-3 minutes.

  3. Using a detail brush and Strawberry Margarita, paint a line that looks like a pointy "J" and continue to paint a vertical toward the free edge. The shape will resemble an abstract outline of breasts.

  4. Repeat Step 3 using No Turning Back From Pink Street, Lima Tell You About This Color, and Telenovela Me About It across all the nails.

  5. Use a detail brush and Alpine Snow, and add an abstract dot to the hook of the "J" shape to represent a nipple. Allow it to dry.

  6. Seal the look with Top Coat.

Want to wear pink to show your support? In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness, see some of our favorite inspiring and motivational pink nail polish shades.


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