OPI Travel Guide: Top 10 Spring Destinations

We don't know about you, but we're totally ready to escape the brutal winter weather and land our pretty little pedis straight into a beach chair under the sun. Yes, we're talking about a proper spring vacation.

OPI Travel Guide: Top 10 Spring Destinations

You've been daydreaming about it since October, so now it's finally time to book a ticket. But, where to go? We have a few ideas...


Tulum, Mexico

In the past few years, Tulum has become one of the hottest destinations south of the border. Tulum is great whether you're with your best gal pals or your romantic partner in crime.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a European city that doesn't always get the credit it deserves. There is so much history to be seen and explored from incredible architecture to museums. This city is pure magic.

New Orleans, Louisiana

We may be a little biased since our latest collection was inspired by this city, but it's for good reason. With its bustling nightlife, culture-rich history, and food that can't be rivaled by any other American city, we'll Show Our Tips for this city any day.

Palm Springs, California

This city is no secret to desert goers, but it's always a no-fail option for a getaway during spring, and well, all other times of the year. Even though it's only a two-and-a-half-hour drive from LA, escaping to Palm Springs is like escaping to paradise. Rent an Airbnb, with a pool obvi, and you won't have a reason to leave. Make sure to pack smart, you'll definitely Need Sunglasses...and SPF!


If you want to vacation like a royal, or like Bieber and Baldwin, make your way to the Caribbean and the beautiful island of Anguilla. It has incredibly clear waters and empty beaches and it's far enough away from civilization that if you're lucky, you won't have any internet connection.

Lake Louise, Alberta

If you've been stuck in a city for too long, and are tired of the hustle and bustle, take in the nature of Lake Louise, located in Alberta, Canada. This is the perfect destination if you want an active vacation, like hiking, horseback riding, and views of trees as far as you can see.

Maui, Hawaii

You can't go wrong spending your spring break in Hawaii, do we even need to say more?

Havana, Cuba

The doors to this incredible city have finally opened up and we can't wait to take in everything that we've been missing all of these years. Havana is known for its rich South American culture consisting of high-energy music and dancing venues that last all night long.

Marrakech, Morocco

Waking up in Marrakech is like waking up in a dream, the city is surreal. A lot of people don't think to travel to this city, they might think it's too far or hard to get to, however, it's only a few hours from London by plane. Definitely add this city to your bucket list.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Spend your spring break feeling like you're in the depths of a Nicolas Sparks novel by visiting the beautiful Cape Cod, right off the coast of Massachusetts. A great place to bring family and enjoy the desolate beaches.