Ugly Sweater Party Nails by Miss Pop

Allison McNamara showed us how to be the chicest girl at the Ugly Sweater Party this year. Now, to complete your look, here's how to put mini little sweaters on your fingertips!

Ugly Sweater Party Nails by Miss Pop

Follow these steps by nail artist Miss Pop to get the perfect holiday look.

Sweater Nails

  1. Apply Natural Nail Base Coat and 2 coats of Amore At the Grand Canal. Allow a few minutes for the polish to set.

  2. Using a small dotting tool or toothpick, create polka dots in the space on either side of your horizontal lines.

  3. Using a striper brush dipped in My Vampire is Buff, create two horizontal lines a quarter of the way down from the tip and up from the cuticle.

  4. Continuing with your striper brush, paint an asterisk in between the lines. This is the outline of your precious snowflake.

  5. Turn each line of the asterisk into an arrow with two little lines at each tip. Then, Connect the ends of each arrow to the center of the snowflake with a diagonal line. Fill in each arm of the snowflake.

  6. Starting at the left side of the nail, draw two diagonal lines that come to a point toward the snowflake. This should look like a triangle with no base. Paint another coming out from the right side of the nail.

  7. Allow a few minutes for your polish to set, then seal your precious snowflake ugly sweater nail art with OPI Top Coat.

Christmas Tree Nails

  1. Apply 1 coat of Natural Nail Base Coat.

  2. Create a triangle shape by polishing on two diagonal strokes of AmazON...AmazOFF on each nail.

  3. Pour out a bit of nail glue or top coat on a piece of foil. Use a dotting tool or toothpick to dab on a zig-zag shape of glue or top coat in the negative space triangle shape. (Spoiler alert: this is going to be your Christmas tree!)

  4. Place your strand of gold beads, then nip the ends with cuticle nippers to fit the tree.

  5. Continue to deck out your mini trees with colored gems and other gold embellishments, using the glue or top coat to affix.

  6. Allow a few minutes for everything to set, then seal your glitzy trees with OPI Top Coat.

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