Meet our Fall ‘21 Downtown LA Collection!

Meet our Fall ‘21 Downtown LA Collection!
  • Meet our Fall ‘21 Downtown LA Collection!

    Downtown LA is an expansive playground for inspiration. With historic architecture, sprawling street art, and open sky, it changes from day to night inspiring artists with its spectrum of rich, vibrant hues. Color us inspired.

    Introducing the Downtown LA collection – dark autumnal tones like forest green and midnight blues and purples, and nostalgic pastels and metallics that transcend seasons are inspired by paint-covered palettes, art in all its forms, and the artists who bring these vivid colors and creations to life. Let’s dig in.

    1. Dark Shades in the Downtown LA Collection

      Shorter days and longer nights bring out deep, moody tones. Paint museum nights with an almost midnight navy blue (Isn’t It Grand Avenue), spark your creativity with a deep shimmery purple (Abstract After Dark, which is a glow-up of our iconic Lincoln Park After Dark), or wear our rich violet crème that will have hue juxtaposing.

      SHOP Isn’t It Grand Avenue

      SHOP Abstract After Dark

      SHOP Lincoln Park After Dark

    2. Bloodstone Hues in the Downtown LA Collection

      This season is being dominated by bloodstone – a mix of dark greens, pops of red, and rich, chocolaty browns. Channel this trend in our lush green (My Studio’s on Spring), a crimson crème red made for walking into galleries (Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes), and a deep espresso brown that will bring out your inner artist (Espresso Your Inner Self).

      SHOP My Studio’s on Spring

      SHOP Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes

      SHOP Espresso Your Inner Self

    3. Trans - seasonal Past els and Metallics

      Pastels and metallics are no longer one-season hues. Fall brings us a shimmery rose gold that’s a sketch of your imagination (Metallic Composition), a perfectly sweet lilac crème that makes a statement (Graffiti Sweetie), and a shimmery wash of dusky blue that will take flight on your nails (Angels Flight to Starry Nights).

      SHOP Metallic Composition

      SHOP Graffiti Sweetie

      SHOP Angels Flight to Starry Nights

    4. You can explore the full collection here – all 12 shades are available in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, and GelColor, with a select few you’ll want to dip into in Powder Perfection. We can’t wait to see how you bring these shades to life on your own canvas (ahem, your nails!), so tag us when you do @opi.


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