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Spring Nail Art Tutorial: ❤️ Pink Swooshes

Spring Nail Art Tutorial: <3 Pink Swooshes

Pink negative space swooshes to majorly crush on. Are you in? This flirty spring nail art will be all over the internet thanks to a viral, baby-pink shade from our latest spring collection. So, go on. Have a heart-to-heart with your SO and OOTD and make it official. 


What you’ll need: 

Extra extras: 

  • Detail Brush 

  • Clean Up Brush 

Nail it:

  1. Apply one coat of Infinite Shine Primer. Allow to dry.

  2. Apply one coat of Infinite Shine Baby, Take a Vow. Allow to dry.

  3. At the cuticle line, create a swoosh shaped like the top of a heart using Infinite Shine I Meta My Soulmate. Use a Detail Brush to refine the line and fill in color.

  4. With Infinite Shine I Meta My Soulmate, apply a second swoosh below the first, following the shape of the first swoosh and leaving a line of negative space. Allow to dry.

  5. Apply a coat of Infinite Shine ProStay Gloss. Allow to dry. Follow with ProSpa Nail & Cuticle Oil applied to each nail and massage in.




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