National Drink Wine Day!

National Drink Wine Day, Wine, National Wine Day, OPI
  • National Drink Wine Day, Wine, National Wine Day, OPI

    In recent months, it seems practically every calendar day marks a new celebratory happening. Take unassuming January 15th. It was not just a Friday, it was "National Strawberry Ice Cream Day". And look at chilly, but generally uneventful February 3rd - it now marks a formal commemoration of carrot cake, (i.e. National Carrot Cake Day.) 

    Our take away from this new cultural trend? There is never an inopportune moment to celebrate noteworthy indulgences!

    So what's the next treat of the week? You guessed it - "National Drink Wine Day!" Set a reminder to sit back and sip your feelings on February the 18th. We're assuming the role of your personal sommelier. While personal lives and varietals vary, as your acting sommelier, we're here to aid in narrowing your drinking options. (Plus, we threw in some coordinating nail colors for good measure.)

    Before we get started - If you are going through a breakup, any wine will do. 

    For other life & varietal pairings, see below:

    Scenarios that call for: Rosé
    (Pairs best with Rosy Future)

    • Oceanside lunch 
    • Warm weather
    • Entertaining friends from abroad
    • Locked up Abroad
    • Hanging with broads (your friends)

    Scenarios that call for: Merlot
    (Pairs best with Malaga Wine)

    • Ordering red meat as your main course
    • Have listened to The Cure all day
    • Explaining Snapchat to your dad
    • Homemade charcuterie with friends
    • Lurking Bella Hadid's Instagram Account

    Scenarios that call for: Chardonnay
    (Pairs best with Cosmo-Not Tonight, Honey)

    • Wearing light colors (aids in avoiding the any possible outfit mishaps)
    • Watching The Bachelor
    • Auditioning for The Bachelor
    • Getting sent home on the first night on The Bachelor
    • On a budget (you can find decently priced Chardonnay just make sure to drink a gallon of water before bed)

    Scenarios that call for: Champagne
    (Pairs best with Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.)

    • When your meal contains the word "bottomless"
    • Celebrating a pregnancy that isn't yours
    • Getting a new job
    • Quitting an old job
    • Pregamming Zoolander 2

    Scenarios that call for: Pinot Grigio

    (Pairs best with Italian Love Affair)

    • Ramona Singer

    Scenarios that call for: Cabernet Sauvignon
    (Pairs best with Thank Glogg It's Friday!)

    • New lingerie
    • Netflix & Chill
    • Rocking a red lip
    • Knowing nothing about wine but trying to impress a date
    • Snapchat selfies

    Hope that narrows it down for you, cheers!

    Written by OPI -