Halloween Nail Art by The Illustrated Nail


I love Halloween! It’s the perfect excuse for rocking super kooky and kitsch Halloween nail art and the possibilities are absolutely endless!

Try out this bold Halloween pick ’n’ mix print, perfect for trick or treating! The outlines can be a little fiddly but it’s perfect for practising your lines using a nail art pen. You can use fine detail brushes instead to achieve this look but I find you can get much more of a fluid curved line with the pens.


1) After prepping the nails and applying a base coat, paint all 10 nails with 2 coats of Lost My Bikini in Molokini Lacquer.

2) Using a black nail art pen or fine detail brush dipped in Lady in black lacquer, draw on skull shapes placed randomly on each nail. Vary the placement of the skull shape on each nail but try to keep them all the same size.

The easiest way to break down the skull shape is to draw a circle first, add 2 smaller circles either side for cheekbones and then fill in a small square of black in between them. Add 3 tiny squares for teeth at the bottom of the square.

3) Using an orange nail art pen or fine detail brush dipped in Where did suzis Mango orange polish, paint on pumpkin shapes in the spaces around the skull shapes. I like to do one of each shape on each nail first and then you can see how much space you have to fit more in after.

4) In the remaining spaces add more skull and pumpkin shapes, making sure there is enough space for adding detailing/outlines on each one and for some purple background to still be visible between shapes.

5) Using a white nail art pen, outline the skull shapes and add 3 little lines for the teeth.

6) Add 2 eye sockets and a triangle nose inside each of the skull shapes using the white nail art pen or fine detail brush dipped in Alpine Snow lacquer.

7) Using a dark green nail art pen or fine detail brush dipped in Green-wich Village lacquer, add a stalk to the top of each pumpkin.

8) Inside each pumpkin draw on 2 triangle shaped eyes and a zig-zag shaped mouth with a white nail art pen or detail brush dipped in white lacquer.

9) Outline the pumpkins with a white nail art pen or detail brush dipped in white lacquer.

10) You can leave the design like this or if you’re feeling brave and have a steady hand try outlining the pumpkin eyes and zig-zag mouth with a black nail art pen to really make them pop.

11) When dry finish with a layer of OPI Top Coat.


OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

OPI lacquers in Lost My Bikini in Molokini, Alpine Snow, Greenwich Village and Where did Suzis Man-go.

Black, Orange, Dark Green and White Nail Art Pens (I prefer to use Nails Supreme Nail Art pens) and OPI Top Coat