OPI’s Stay at Home Challenge #3: Cloud Nail Art

You’ve tie dyed your shirts and you’ve rewatched all your favourite shows, but now is the perfect time to try some fun nail art. Feeling a bit dreamy? Inspired by those clouds drifting outside your window? Why not put it on your nails?

We challenge you to create cloud nail art as part of our weekly stay at home nail art challenge.


1- Show us your best cloud nail art using your favourite OPI shades.

2- Snap your colour blocking nailfie and share it using #StayAtHomeChallenge and tag us @opinailsuk for a chance to feature on our Instagram story!

We’re sharing a nail art look that’s easy to recreate all on your own to get you inspired. Take a look at the cloud nail art look created by @amyytran below, and try it on yourself. If you don’t have these on hand, no worries – any shades will do for the dreamy look!

Get the Look: Moonbeams & Sweet Dreams

1- Apply one coat of OPI Natural Base Coat

2- Apply two coats of OPI Gelato on My Mind and let each coat dry.

3- Grab OPI Alpine Snow and your dotting tool and create cloud shapes on nails

4- Take a small brush and dip it into your acetone. Then lightly dab the clouds to smoke them out a little bit

5- Next, grab a thin brush and dip it into OPI Alpine Snow and create a “t” shape

6- Then take a dotting tool and add one small dot in the centre of your “t”

7- Let nails dry and apply OPI Top Coat